Woman bought 30 lottery tickets got lucky with each ticket

Winning a lottery can be both a matter of luck and effort. It varies with different people believing in different things and aspects of life. Some feel that the lottery is a proper mathematically calculated effort and game, which has to be played with a lot of concentration and sensitivity. Some others believe in astrological predictions for winning lotteries and are so sure that their zodiac signs will play a huge role in their jackpot win.

While luck might play a huge role in winning a jackpot once, you cannot possibly imagine getting lucky 30 times in winning lotteries! A lottery player bought 30 tickets and managed to grab prizes on all 30 tickets! This is truly a one-of-a-kind story of a lottery winner in probably the whole of lottery history.

The woman who won 30 lottery prizes has reportedly been seeing four numbers almost everywhere, which started surprising her. She decided to put her vision to good use and bought 30 lottery tickets. The sequence of numbers that she saw was 1031 and she bought tickets only with those numbers on them. The lottery was drawn that night and abracadabra! All the tickets she bought matched with the lucky draw on that night, each ticket amounting to lakhs of rupees. Since she purchased 30 of them and won prizes on each of the tickets, she managed to win lakhs of rupees as jackpot and couldn’t believe her own luck!

She expressed that she saw those numbers during the day she bought the tickets quite frequently. When she heard about her jackpot win, she almost had a heart attack and couldn’t believe her destiny!

It is surprising, however, that statistics suggest that buying tickets with the same number does not increase the chances of winning each of them by any chance. However, possibly the winner had some great luck involved in this purchase where all the tickets were from the same series with the same numbers on them! How rare is that! The general behavior of people buying multiple tickets is to buy as randomly as possible with different combinations thinking that at least one of their combinations will hit the jackpot. However, this rare winner managed to prove all of them wrong and won prizes on all 30 tickets she bought! Was it calculation, vision or pure luck? Who knows! It may be quite rare, but it does seem to happen to winners.

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