Why you should not ignore expired coupons

If you are regular online shopper, you are probably aware of coupon codes and their rules to help you save good money on your purchases. While the rules regarding the quantity limits, expiry dates, exemptions and exclusions are pretty clear, they can at times be bend or broken. Wikigains, a well-known UK coupon site explains why you should not ignore the coupon codes that have passed their expiration dates.

How To Use Expired Coupons To Get Savings

Almost every digital or printed coupon comes with an expiration date clearly printed on them. If you miss that specific date, you are stuck with having to pay the full price of the item. According to wikigains, there’s a way to work around the expiry dates for a few retailers.

While no merchant will openly state that they will accept an expired coupon to give you discount on your purchase, it is worth asking for. There are some popular stores like Michael’s, Lowe’s, Target and CVS that have ignored expiry dates in the past and offered savings to their customers.

Almost every online store has a live chat section where you can ask a representative for a promo code or request them to accept an expired coupon. In many cases, the merchant will gladly accept the coupon because they want your business.

While this is not a guaranteed money saving strategy, it may work. So, make sure you don’t throw away the expired coupon considering them to be waste. You never know which one may work out for you. Slip in those expired coupons when you check out in-stores and plead in a polite way. If they tell you ‘sorry, that can’t work’, accept it and move on gracefully.

Most merchants have a grace period of a week of more in which the coupon may still work beyond the expiration date. In some cases, the grace period may be as long as one month. Wikigains suggests you to download the QSeer Coupon Reader App, which can scan a coupon and tell exactly whether it has expired or has a grace period attached.

Wikigains Shows You Where To Find Expired Codes

The expired coupon codes are all around you and they present you with unlimited opportunities to save money on your purchase. So, when you visit a voucher site like wikigains.com to find a discount code for your order, don’t lose hope if there are no valid or currently active coupons available. Check the section below the valid coupon list and you will find many expired coupons that are marked in gray.

Copy a coupon and paste in the voucher or discount box in the check out page. If it still works, the discount will be immediately reflected on your total cart value. If it doesn’t work, look for a live chat section in the website. Request the customer representative to allow you to use the coupon to get a discount. If you ask politely, the representative may extend the period of the voucher or give you another valid coupon to enable you to complete the purchase.

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