Why you should consider mobile learning

We are all smartphones addicted, but what if we modify this problem into an advantage? Thus mLearning for short is just a standing solution for this purpose.

mLearning is all new way of training both for the large workshops and students. Living in a smartphones-centered age and using this way of learning can revolutionize learning and development.

What Is mLearning?

The “m” in mLearning stands for mobile. It is a new way to access learning content using mobiles. In mobile learning, a learner can access the learning process and supports with the help of mobile devices. This can be done using devices like your phone, laptop or tablet and with the advent of mobile learning, educational systems are changing. 

mLearning market to grow about $70 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 23% during the period 2018-2023. 

mLearning provides any kind of knowledge using handheld devices and portable devices. Mobile learning is very popular and in the past few years, its use has increased extensively. 

Advantages Of mLearning:- 

Mobile learning is all about studying through mobile using the internet so learners can study through mobile and tablets anytime from all around the world. 

A lot of content is present online and due to its huge variety, it becomes very easy for learners to access it. The best part of mobile learning is that if you don’t get a topic from one website, you can search for it from other sites. There are so many options to choose for the best which will benefit you the most.

There are many educational websites that use online quizzes and online test to keep track of your progress. The content is presented using various puzzles, infographics, and animations so that you can easily understand the topic.

Every topic will be benefited from mLearning to the learners when used correctly. Almost 34% of companies have implemented mLearning to provide training that is:-





Disadvantages Of mLearning:-

As we know that every coin has two sides, as alluring and good the advantages sounds, we will now see some of the disadvantages of using mLearning:-

Mobile learning creates a lot of distraction. Many students open the mobile to learn something and end up using social media websites and playing games. These types of distractions waste students time which could have been used to learn something new.

Lack of internet and electricity is also the main reason why this market is not growing. These two factors are required to run the device and avail the facility of mobile learning. In order to enjoy the overall experience of mobile learning make sure you have all the requirements to have the best experience.

Software compatibility issues is also a problem faced by many mobile users while upgrading to a new version and regular system crashes etc. are some of the issues that interrupt the smooth mobile learning experience because mobile application and websites run on a device according to the instructions embedded at the time of coding.

Multitasking offer by the mobiles and tablets affects the attention of the students. The interruption occurs during learning does not result in better recall.


Mobile learning is the easiest way for students to get help on the topics which are difficult to understand easily. Many schools and colleges are supporting this concept of learning. They are also providing tablets and laptops to students to use them for educational purposes. If mLearning is used in a proper manner it can be beneficial for the students and will increase his intelligence. 

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