Why use appointment setting for business leads

The toughest question every business owner, including you, need to ask yourself is should you perform a function in-house or should a specialist be hired.

For this, you need to calculate the opportunity cost of these two alternatives. If the value added by the specialist versus the cost gives you more bang for your buck, then hire them.

So if you need business insurance leads and are looking at retaining existing client and increasing your market share, you need to hire appointment setting companies.

How an appointment setting company can help you generate good leads?

Generating business insurance leads requires a multi-pronged approach which would involve both inbound and outbound services.
You need appointment setting companies who provide end-to-end solutions from commercial insurance lead generation to client conversion.

The outbound services provided by appointment setting companies should include:

Cold Calls

When it comes to making cold calls, appointment setting companies set the bar high by employing well-trained, highly motivated staff with the gift of the gab to pitch your services. They ensure that clients understand the importance of your services.

Aged Leads

Certain prospects fill out the form within a few minutes, days or weeks. These prospects are part of a warm list, and the professional staff of these lead generating companies has sufficient experience in calling and converting such leads.

Email Prospects

Prospects sometimes respond to mailer campaigns where they have to fill up a standard questionnaire. With extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing, the staff can identify potential customers or businesses and set up an appointment for you.

Follow-Up on Mailers

Mailers by themselves would generate only 1-3% response, but combined with a proactive follow-up campaign the rates will shoot up. Prospects tend to procrastinate on mailers and instant follow-up is a call to action leading to an appointment.

Existing Customers

Acquiring new customers is far more complex than retaining existing customers. However, due to the lack of interaction with them, they tend to shift to other vendors. With experienced staff armed with sufficient product knowledge, a significant portion of the existing customers can be roped in.


The best market for your new products is your existing customers! The lead generating companies will make sure that your customers are made aware of your other offering and once converted an appointment will be set up with you.


Referrals are an important source for new business, but they are not pursued due to lack of time. The marketing staff will follow up with the references, and serious prospects will be transferred to you.

The inbound services that are provided by lead generating companies are:

Impacting Website

A well-designed, informative website can generate excellent leads for you. Lead generating companies will ensure that your website highlights your strengths and warranty that the leads are converted.

SEO Optimization

To assure that your company is on the top of the list when it comes to search results, you need an efficient search engine optimization strategy. The competent team from the lead generating companies will ensure the flow of traffic to your website.

Pay per Click

This internet marketing strategy involves a payment every time someone clicks on your ads and visits your website. A well-designed website will ensure a conversion.

Web Chat

A chat features on your website will ensure live interaction with a prospective client and conversion thereafter.

Social media marketing

A social media presence is indispensable for success today. A prospect can contact you directly through a social media platform, and the trained staff from the lead generating companies will ensure an appointment with you.

3 Common Steps Every Lead Generation Service Providers Take For Leads

Social Media Paid Advertising

Lead generating companies have staff with expertise in creating advertisements to be displayed to your target market. This will generate inbound phone calls, more traffic, and heightened interest.

Email Marketing

A list of prospects can be generated for you by these companies and an appointment set up once they are converted.

Get the Edge with Appointment Setting Companies

For success in your business, you need to identify your core area and delegate the marketing to the right contact center company. With more than 11 years of splendid experience and employees on 3 different continents, ExclusiveCalls might be your best bet!

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