Why google considers wikipedia as first in every search result

2012, Wikipedia earned the ranking on the first page holding 99% of the google search, as per the UK based research organization. While in half of these searches, Wikipedia always manages to stand out as the first search result.  Well if you are still confused concerning the reliability of the Wikipedia articles here, we have several surprising revelations concerning the Wikipedia. The content pages are usually meagre in their offered information, references are sometimes risky and may lead to dead links while the primary sources verify a majority of the data and eventually the web researchers were discouraged not to use Wikipedia as the referencing source.

While if Wikipedia is so scoffed then why Google is fond of Wikipedia spending a more significant part of efficiencies creating the knowledge graph that significantly reproduce Wikipedia in the means of features and internal links. Why does Google still give prominence to Wikipedia even in the present time when there is a variety of influential and better citation websites exist?

Here are the reasons why Wikipedia is the preference of Google whenever someone searches;

Wikipedia has unique, thought-provoking and in-depth researched content

As the Wikipedia entries sound that they get it right, they get it right. Since a more significant portion of the content on Wikipedia is detailed, well researched, and sourced from the exemplary citations. Moreover, if the links go dead or are not appropriate a community of loyal wiki editors and volunteers, even the Wikipedia Page Writing Service make complete efforts to make sure the issues are correct. The wiki editors, as well as the contributors, are well encouraged to add citations from the influential websites and not from the random social media posts as well as the private blogs or self-published article. The endless discussion of Wikipedia on several issues on what is based on the excellent reference as opposed the below average one is finally going without a hitch, and a significant part of the wikis material is well researched and cited.

Everything goes user generated

The search engines are fond of ranking the user-generated content above the corporate and other types of content, and this is the reason the social media mean such as YouTube Twitter and Facebook have achieved well so far in the search engine result pages. A good community of editors and contributors are considered as more relevant to the subject comparative to the single blogger or marketer.

The user-generated content minimize the risk of spam and unnecessary promotion

The users on Wikipedia that register to contribute to the website are not encouraged to post content that is spammed, or the associated links are spammed. They cannot promote a particular product, service, or blog or otherwise operates to act as the link lure for the contributor openly. Any individual who keeps on bashing this fundamental wiki rule is finally blocked from making contributions, and thus this interprets that the content has some value that is what drives Google.

Every entry are focused on some keyword

Wikipedia entries are cardinally based on one keyword that results in a secure page and domain. This consequently leads in google and similar search engines to fond the Wikipedia page for a competitive website that may only use the same keyword as the Meta title or may be in the content page.

There are thousands of internal links

Some wiki entries may link to other wiki entries hence covering the complete website with their sheets and domain authority. On the other hands, the links on the wiki will lead to the external pages are no follow that interprets that the references website gets no link fondness from being loaded on Wikipedia. Consequently, Wikipedia does not leak the private page ranks to the external sites.

With all the causes, why search engines such as Google still fond the Wikipedia you are well recommended to make contributions to the wiki. Several businesses exist exclusively to render the services of wiki page creation for their clients. It’s true that you cannot take advantage of Wikipedia to openly promote the related website and blog. However, if you produce a neutral and factual wiki entry for a particular product or subject, you can list your website as a nearby reference. This reference will not grant you any link juice. However, it will result in higher traffic. You can repeat these efforts by gradually creating more Wikipedia pages in the progression of the previous one and having them interlinked.

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