Why get a cloned website for your travel business

The cost of creating a website from scratch is quite high these days. Since the process itself is quite complex, you need a pretty good knowledge of various different programming languages and structural frameworks. Most people that plan on getting their own website aren’t much familiar with web development and coding, so they often end up hiring a person who overcharges them and delivers a product that isn’t satisfactory. On the other hand, building a website using a cloning script is quite easy and simple. The process itself is short, so you can quickly get your website ready and work on other aspects of your business.

If you want to build a travel website, your website must have these features-

  1. Account Management- Your website’s visitors would want to login to your website for submitting reviews or booking a ticket.
  2. Search Bar- A basic search bar to help visitors quickly find what they want.
  3. Filters- While searching, the customers would want to narrow down their search with few settings.
  4. Automatic mail generation on ticket booking- once a ticket has been booked, the customer will receive a copy of the ticket in his/her mail.
  5. Payment gateway- A secure payment to process all the transactions from your website.
  6. User review- A travel website must have an option to review destinations and hotels.

As you can see, a travel website or portal has many features. Adding these many features into a single website is difficult and time-consuming. Also, the developer will also charge you extra money for all these features. However, one easy way is to get a clone script and clone a travel website that you like or adore. A clone script allows you to copy a website’s source code, thus creating a whole new website. Clone scripting is legal and is one of the best and fastest ways of getting a website. A PHP travel script would yield a perfect website, one that has all the functionality of the original website. Once you the cloned website, you can make certain changes to its design, altering colour schemes, font size etc. You as the owner of the website will also get the source code of your website. So if you are technically fluent, you yourself can edit the code.

The process of creating a travel website clone is very fast. It usually takes a few hours to create and deploy a cloned website. Usually, a cloned website takes less than 2 days to go online, while a basic website would take months in development. By using our clone script, you get all the features of the website you want, including a login page, account management, search engine etc. The payment gateway of your website would also be secure, and we can add integration in it to support multiple payment options.

Overall, getting a cloned website these days is one of the quickest ways to make money and launch your business since it requires less time and less money.

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