Why choose india for breast cancer treatment and surgeries

Breast cancer originates from breast tissues, mostly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply milk. Cancer that originates from ducts is known as ductal carcinomas and the one that originates from lobules are known as lobular carcinomas. Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies that is affecting women.

Categories of cancer:

  • In-situ breast cancer: in this type of breast cancer cells will remain confined within their place of origin and will not attack the surrounding breast tissue.
  • Invasive or metastatic breast cancer: in this type of cancer cells break free from their place of origin and will spread to different parts of the body.

Like all other cancers, breast cancer also progresses through different stages. Stages of breast cancer are based on different sizes of breast lump or tumour.

Causes of breast cancer:

 Exact causes of breast cancer are not known till now therefore, there are no fixed causes of breast cancer. Down below we have mentioned some of the causes that are linked with breast cancer.

  1. Early menopause and menses: this is one of the causes that are linked with breast cancer. Early start of menses and menopause is diagnosed as one of the reasons for breast cancer.
  2. Age: as women start to age, risk of suffering from breast cancer becomes higher.
  3. Inheritance: if someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, it increases the risk factor of others of being diagnosed with breast cancer.
  4. Late childbearing: late childbearing also appears as one of the minor risk factors of developing breast cancer.
  5. Harmful chemicals: when someone gets in contact with chemical factors it may lead to breast cancer. Women who are working in chemical factories are at higher risk.
  6. Radioactivity: when a woman gets exposed to radioactive rays increases the chances of breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

  1. During the early stages of breast cancer, it shows no symptoms. As the tumour grows you may notice some of the signs such as swelling in the armpit or sensitivity and tenderness in the breast.
  2. Sometimes a little pain is also experienced in the breast.
  3. An appearance of a lump in the breast is often referred to as the first symptom of breast cancer; lumps in the breast are usually painless although some of them usually cause a prickly sensation.
  4.  A change in texture or temperature of the breast also may indicate breast cancer.
  5. A change in nipples such as dimpled look or itching and burning sensation will be felt.
  6. Sometimes, there will be an unusual discharge of or maybe clear blood will flow out.

How to diagnose breast cancer:

  1. Mammogram: this is the first tool to identify breast cancer. It is a type of X-ray of breasts that will show the presence of abnormal growth of lumps in the breasts.
  2. Aspiration: a fine needle is inserted in the lump to take out the tissue or liquid out of the lump. After this, a biopsy is conducted to test carcinoma.
  3. Ultra-Sonography: high-frequency sound waves are used to identify the lump.  

Breast cancer hospitals in India

Breast cancer treatment hospitals in India are well known for their aggregated experiences and expertise in this field. In India, doctors have the finest talent and latest equipment’s to deal with cancer. Breast cancer treatment team includes the best surgical producers, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy which deliver the best outcomes. It is important to be in contact with best doctors and treatments and is considered as the vital step for patients to overcome cancer.   There are various hospitals that offer the best breast cancer treatment in India.  


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