Which one is better for ielts idp or british council

This is the most asked question by IELTS candidates. First of all, I would like to say that there is not much difference between the IDP and the British Council, so even if you are thinking that it is going to affect your score a lot then you should remove this assumption right now.

IELTS was invented by Cambridge University, British Council and IDP. It is that in some countries the British Council is in charge of the IELTS examination and in other countries, IDP runs IELTS and Certification exams, and then there are countries where the British Council and IDP provide both IELTS exams, which people find misleading and not sure Where are you going? So here we have solutions to all such questions in this post. So read this article very carefully to the end point.

Exam Centers:

We can consider many aspects and approaches with data that will help us analyze both the IDP and the British Council. Talk about that too. If you are appearing from the British Council, you can get many centers all over India, but you can get a limited number of IDP options. If you are thinking about giving IELTS from a remote location or are considering, then you have to consider the British Council. But if you are planning to go for IDP, just because of some opinion that has been made nowadays or you have got positive figures, then you should know that you have got a limited number of centers and mostly they are good There are well known places which attract good quality crowd. So if you are just planning to get a good score considering the impact of the crowd, then you should think again.

Exam Written by:

IDP and British Council organize IELTS tests, but they do not write them. All tests are compiled by the English language assessment, which is one of the joint owners of IELTS. This means that you will take the same test in one day, no matter whether you are giving it to IDP or BC or from any part of the world.

Marking Criteria:

Now head towards the criteria or scoring criteria. Here we want to make you clear that the IDP and British Council officials are trained in the same way for marking in the examination. Your answer book is being checked by those people who have clear instructions that the answers should be treated as right and wrong. These two parts are readings and listening, and for them it does not matter who grading.

For the other two parts, that is to Writing and Speaking, it is not so simple. In some countries, people are telling me that the exams in IDP are easier than the British Council, but since the exams are the same, according to me it has only one meaning – staff, testers who grading writing and speaking elsewhere Are giving more favorable points than employees. This is the only description of the easy and difficult IELTS exam. So it depends entirely on your luck, who is going to take the exam and how comfortable you are to communicate with them.


Therefore, there is no difference between that you can choose from IDP and BC IELTS. Even the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh will suggest you to book your exams according to the center and date availability, not on the basis of IDP and British Council. I would suggest that you should concentrate more on your preparation and I am sure that there is nothing that can prevent you from the IDP or the British Council. This will be irrelevant to you. So focus on the four classes of oils and get acquainted with the format, as well as evaluate your writing from time to time by experts, this will help you get more help from the confusion about the British Council and the IDP in our mines. So for your psychological satisfaction, you can book it with IDP or British Council.

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