Which is better between concrete and asphalt pavement for parking lot construction compare and verify expenses and convenience

Here I will compare construction costs with earthen concrete and asphalt paving. I think that many people choose to reform their home garden to a parking lot, and choose parking lot management, etc. as a part of land utilization after dismantling. For this purpose, we look for the driveway paving companies located near us.
By the way, there are mainly “underground concrete pavement” and “asphalt pavement” in parking lot construction, what is the difference between the two? I will compare and verify the market value of expenses and the advantages and disadvantages.

asphalt and concrete paving

Table of contents
• What is the difference between asphalt and concrete between concrete, specifically?
• What is the market price for concrete pavement and asphalt pavement?
• Which one is better at the parking lot of 4 ordinary homes?
• Let’s keep track of the other costs for parking lot construction!
• A summary of the differences between soil and concrete and asphalt pavement
What is the difference between asphalt and concrete between concrete, specifically?
Asphalt and concrete between the soils, which are easily distinguishable in appearance, what is the difference between them in the first place?
What is asphalt pavement?
A mixture obtained by heating and mixing “aggregate” and “asphalt” such as crushed stone and sand is called asphalt mixture (asphalt mixture/asphalt concrete). We spread this asphalt mixture and normalize it by rolling.
The temperature when heated is actually over 160 degrees at the time of shipment from the plant and around 150 degrees during construction. As the site of midsummer suffers from the heat of scorching hell, measures such as heat stroke must be well planned. It can only be released (car can drive) when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. If it is released at a temperature higher than that, it may be possible to make a habit or the like.
Advantages and disadvantages of asphalt pavement
Advantages of Asphalt pavement
• Unit price is cheap
• Because it can be used immediately if it gets cold, it can be released in a few hours after construction
• Then, let’s compare the market prices of expenses Good drainage and high quietness
• Due to low durability, cracks, dents, etc. are easily formed and frequent repair is necessary
• In summer daytime, it gets hot enough to burn if touched carelessly
What is concrete pavement between soils?

which is best concrete or asphalt paving

The image is totally different, but the concrete pavement is actually a mixture of asphalt in place of “concrete”. It is very hard and strong compared to asphalt, but less flexible. Therefore, wire mesh or rebar (placement of reinforcing bars) is applied to the middle part of the concrete, etc. Asphalt will deteriorate if chemicals and gasoline are spilled, but concrete will hardly be affected. Therefore, it is concrete pavement at gas stations.
Advantages and disadvantages of soil concrete pavement
• Hard and strong
• The low frequency of repair due to excellent durability
• The surface temperature rise can be greatly suppressed compared with asphalt even in midsummer etc.
• Bid is high
• The joints must be made in consideration of expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, and it takes several days after construction, so it takes time to complete the construction
• The surface is clean with the gold finish but it becomes very slippery on rainy days
• There is such a difference.
Let’s compare the market prices of expenses of asphalt pavement and concrete pavement
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It is important to make multiple estimates to a site remodeling specialist to find a good deal.
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What is the market price for concrete pavement and asphalt pavement?
Even if it says parking lot construction to a sip, the area is different depending on the number of vehicles, etc., and there is a difference in construction cost depending on the area, so I cannot say in general, but let me introduce a general market price here.
The difference in the construction method
Excavating the soil, laying the crushed stone, compacting it. This process is the same regardless of the soil-concrete pavement or asphalt pavement.
A major difference is Drilling depth, which is generally 10 cm thick in the case of concrete pavement between soils, so 20 cm drilling is required. Since one asphalt pavement is generally constructed with a thickness of about 5 cm, drilling is 10 cm to 15 cm.
Specific differences in construction costs-Concrete pavement between soils
Drilling 3$ to 5$ / square meter
Waste soil disposal 10$ to 15$ / square meter
Crushed stone actual cost 3$ to 4$ / square meter
Concrete pavement 70$ to 90$ / square meter
About 86$ to 114$ per flat rice
Asphalt pavement
Drilling 3$ to 5$ / square meter
Waste soil disposal 8$ to 11$ / square meter
Crushed stone actual cost 3$ to 4$ / square meter
Asphalt pavement 30$ to 40$ / square meter
About 44$ to 60$ per flat rice
It is different from case to case as it is a very general market price, but it looks like this.
As I mentioned in the previous item, it is necessary to put wire mesh, reinforcement, joints, etc. between concrete soil paving, so it takes more time and effort than asphalt paving and the unit price tends to be high.
In addition, the unit price goes down as the construction area becomes large in the concrete pavement between soils and asphalt pavement.
Which one is better at the parking lot of 4 ordinary homes?
If we see it as a unit price, it will be higher in the soil-concrete pavement, but if it is higher than the asphalt pavement if it is the construction area of the parking lot of a general household, it may be said that there is no big difference.
What is more important than that is “durability”.
As asphalt pavements often require regular maintenance due to aging and wear, the initial cost is high, but concrete pavements with soil that go up cheaply when viewed with a long-term view are chosen.
Let’s keep track of the other costs for parking lot construction!
If you are thinking of parking lot management by land utilization etc., it would be better to know the expenses that it takes besides concrete pavement and asphalt pavement.
Land preparation cost for paving
In order to provide a ground that can withstand the weight of a car, it is essential to carry out drilling, laying in crushed stone, and rolling. Furthermore, the disposal cost of the soil left by the drilling, etc. will be added, but the air will be included in the soil, which will expand accordingly. If you drill 10 cm, you should think about 12 cm.
Considering the above-mentioned 200 square meters parking lot as an example, it would be better to expect expenses of around 2500$ to 3000$.
Line pull and car stop
If you do concrete pavement or asphalt pavement between soils, you will draw a line to determine the range of the garage from above it. As a market price, it will be around 10,500. However, it may change somewhat depending on whether it is completely squared, or only on both sides, or with a garage number. The market price of the car stop is about 30$ to 35$ each, so it is about 60$ to 70$ per car.
Cut down the sidewalk
If you want to create a new entrance with the road, you will need to cut down the sidewalk.
It takes time and effort to contact the local government, so leaving it to the contractor will go smoothly, but the cost will be high.
As a market price, it seems better to look at 3000$ to 5000$.
When outsourcing the management or operation of a parking lot, the cost will also be added when installing a consignment fee, a checkout machine or an in / out bar.
A summary of the differences between soil concrete and asphalt pavement
This time has compared the soil-concrete pavement and asphalt pavement, respectively. If it is a parking lot of a general household, the concrete pavement between soils looks good in the long run, but when it comes to parking lot management, the features of the land (a lot of rain, a lot of snow, a lot of summers, etc.) There seems to be room to consider carefully in light of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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