What women feel after wearing abayas

Abayas are the identity of Muslim women; every religion has its tradition and looks values so does Islam. Women have to cover their whole body by a large floor touching dress called abaya if she is following Islam religion. There are many different styles of Islamic women wear available in the market abaya (formal abaya, casual abaya, Dubai style abaya, luxury abaya, denim abaya, black abaya, coat style abaya, maxi abaya, lace abaya), kaftan (relaxed kaftan, occasional wear kaftan, black kaftan, luxury kaftan), hijab (formal hijab, casual hijab, stoles, instant hijab, party wear hijabs, crinkled hijab, embroidered hijab, lace hijab, jersey hijab, khimar, printed hijab, hijab cape). As with all these gowns, they have to wear a dress inside it. So, now modern Islamic clothing for women also includes a long skirt, long shirts. Which is more comfortable in summers with which they could carry a stole to cover the heads?

Abaya enhances women personality

Abaya improves and appreciate the women personality; it acts as an identity for Islamic women. By wearing the abaya, there is some sense of being an Islamic girl and demonstrating its culture. In Muslim countries, especially in the Gulf region many non-muslim girls also have this as they feel protected. Men are also seen to have thobe in these religion countries which also motivates women to stick to their culture. Western culture also affects a lot, but still, Muslim women find the middle way out.

What does the abaya make obsolete

It is mostly heard for Muslim women “abaya covers the weakness of women and they view themselves as a sexual object that should be hidden from the men of the world.” In this way having an abaya is a negative thought or maybe a wall, but actually, women wear it as a proud. Even girls living in Gulf countries women wear abaya as a fashion statement.

What does abaya retrieve?

Abaya is undoubtedly cultural reasoning, but still, there is some religious motivation behind it. Abaya retrieves Muslim identity; it is the authenticity of Muslim religion and most hot burning topic. Some men inflicted the abaya on women and force them to follow the cast, and making them uncomfortable. Faith is something that could be developed from heart, not by veins, it generates from within no other person could penetrate it from outside.

Do the abayas reverse

Western dressing standards do not have any place in the Muslim religion. When it is praising other parts of the world, abaya makes a special place in Iran, Qatar, Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dubai, Gulf region. It is also known as the dress of modesty, and many Muslim encourages foreign women to dress in an abaya or include long dresses into their livelihoods.

Abaya is an example of perfect religion and respecting history as well as sentiments of the ancestors. As modesty, authenticity is the ornaments of Muslim girls abaya is the badge of pride that they worn in every corner of the world and holds the religious thoughts with them

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