What to do to get the solution of hp printer not working

When you have to use the hp printer to print important documents and the printer accidentally stops working the reason for this error is the printer queue gets stuck. The user needs to cancel this print job so that the printer can function effectively. Hp printer not working can arise due to numerous reasons.

These reasons are there can be connectivity issues to faulty connection with printer drivers. To fix the existing issue of a printer you can use the following measures to resolve the printer not working issue. 

As a user you can perform the basic troubleshooting, the moment you find out that your hp printer is not working. You should check the status and the connection between your printer and computer to sort out hp printer is not printing issues.

Please ensure the devices are connected with each other the network connecting these devices, is working in normal condition. You can restart the printer, please turn it off unplug the power chord leave it for a couple of minutes, please plug back the power chord on the printer now see that if your printer is printing normally. 

Check out this List if Your Hp Printer is Not Working

Please update or reinstall hp printer drivers, In many cases, the printers reject the faulty drivers, Please update or reinstall the printer driver to fix hp printer not working errors. One easy and efficient way to deal with this issue is Driver Easy. This recognises the appropriate drivers for the printer and it installs them for efficient use.

This tool will detect if there are any problems with the driver. Please click the update button next to the hp printer now once again please download the updated drivers for the printer. Another feature of drive easy is you can also uninstall the driver. You can select the driver to uninstall from the driver easily. 

Please set your printer as a default printer, when you print a document the computer automatically sets the printer as a default printer. You can set the hp printer as the default printer in the following way; Press the Windows logo key, Press the R key on the keyboard at the same time, Please open the run dialogue box Please type control panel and hit enter, this will open the dialogue box.

From the device and printers option please select the default printer as hp to print the same. You need to ensure your hp printer has all the equipment as ink toner and plain paper. Once this is loaded please also check the information for a paper jam. If your printer needs servicing please contact the hp printer support for the same. 

Re-install Printer

Please unplug and restart your printer, Check cables or wireless connections, Please uninstall and reinstall the printer, Please install the latest driver for your printer, Please run the printer troubleshooter, Please clear and reset the printer spooler, Please fix printer problems after updating windows 10 to solve hp printer not working. Please change printer status to online.

To receive e-print jobs the printer should be connected to the internet. Please check e print email for print requirements. The set e print email account should have an e print access. Please confirm your e print settings match your printer preferences. 

Please ensure that the printer settings are accurately configured in your system. Please click on control panel from the settings option then device and printers select the printer available in your range and which is configured in your system. To check the functionality of the document you can give a test print command once it prints this is an indication that the printer is now ready to print your pending printing jobs.

Sort Out Hp Printer Offline Issues by Going Through these Steps

In case the hp printer is offline due to a paper jam or it has run out to printing paper you can open the printer queue menu from the main printing menu and click on resume printing once you have reloaded the paper and removed the paper jam manually.

Please note if it is a wireless printer ensures that the printer needs to be connected through the same wifi network as the PC to establish a remote connection to print. In this technology, the print receives the command reads the document to be printed and prints it.

As a user, we must check that the relevant printer drivers are installed in the system for printing. An issue with driver compatibility and the computer system will also result in an offline printer. Please ensure the drivers are timely updated and installed in the system. This will ensure effective printing. 

As a user, you need to ensure that the option of “use printer offline” should be unchecked from the dialogue box” this will eradicate your printing errors.

Another important point to be noted is that in a workspace printers may be attached to multiple systems through shared printing services, many times the shared network services are blocked by firewall and antivirus software this may block the shared network.

Please use the below steps to rectify this click on file- printer sharing services-ensure the network discovery range is turned on and network sharing services are functioning effectively for solving hp printer, not working problems.

Instead of restarting the system each time the printer goes offline you can restart the printer spooler service to bring the offline printer to online mode. On the search bar in your system type Services.msc this is found in the computer management tab from the dialogue box the service will be in a stopped mode.

Click on start services this will help you to re-establish the printer connection from offline to online. Please ensure all the dependency services are started. The only dependency service in print spooler service is “Remote procedure call”.

Remove all unnecessary printer drivers and printers in your network. Ensure all printers installed in your systems are installed correctly as this will cause the printer spooler services to stop again and again if the drivers of the printer are not installed correctly and easily fix hp printer, not working issues.

From the printer menu scan your system establishes a secure connection and then prints. Your printer needs to be connected to the same wifi as your pc otherwise the print command will be sent to the nearest available printer in the network.

Another way to get the printer status from offline to online is the troubleshooting tab in the system you can report the problem and restart the system to get the printer back online.



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