What is covered and not covered in two wheeler insurance in india

Owning a Two-wheeler in India is very easy, but to make a choice is not at all simple. We can compare bikes to many makes and models. Many manufacturers provide you with different or various models suiting the best requirement of the customer.

Once the bike or scooter is purchased, it is exposed to different types of risk. To safe, oneself from these risk Two Wheeler Insurance is a must. Two Wheeler insurance gives one complete peace of mind in the event of mishaps.

Buying insurance is a confusion factor in most of us. Is always a question in our mind, which is the best policy?

Two-Wheeler insurance does not cover the insured person; however, it covers only the bike. Bike insurance is very readily affordable as a significant population owns the bike. To own a Two wheeler insurance one needs not to worry about borrowing from finance rather can afford from his savings. If you wish to own a bike or a scooter bank is the best option to provide you with a loan at a cheaper interest rate.

Over some time, we have seen tremendous growth in the sales of Two-wheelers. To safeguard the rider, the motor Vehicle Act has made it mandatory to own a vehicle.

Bike insurance does not cover the following

  1. Damage or Loss of bike accessories
  2. Any legal liability on the part of a paid driver
  3. Personal accident coverage for the pillion riders
  4. Injuries caused due to the negligence of the driver
  5. Wear & tear of the bike
  6. Influential driving under alcohol or intoxicants

Every insurance company has a different plans and different coverages. In the event of you not be satisfied with the insurance policy, you can always opt for add-on coverage. Such add-on coverage comes in a preview of a nominal fee.

Why should one buy two-wheeler Insurance?

All insurance policies offer different coverage. Two-wheeler insurance is a feeling of safety and security as a compulsion owning two-wheeler insurance is a mandate. Let us see the various benefits of owning a two wheeler insurance.

  1. Safety from natural calamities.

Owning a bike insurance safeguards the insured from natural calamities such as floods, cyclone, earthquake, fire, explosion, etc. It covers repair works caused due to the listed natural disasters. It also provided compensation in the event of bodily injury caused to the rider or owner.

  1. Safety from Man-made Calamities:

Any man-made calamities like burglary, strikes, theft, accidents, malicious acts and other types of man-made disasters can lead to significant losses in owning a bike.  In this matter, the liability is restricted by the insurance policy and ensures repair cost to the owner.

  1. Protection of Your Legal Interests:

Protecting oneself interest has a Third Party Insurance. This policy provides coverage against bodily injuries or damage caused to the third party in person or property. After purchasing, one needs to keep the insurance plan renewed on a timely basis to enjoy its benefits.

  1. Sense of security:

Being covered by an insurance policy gives oneself a complete understanding of safety and comfort. Besides, it saves you from fines or breaking laws.

Bike insurance covers a wide variety of covers. There are various insurance plans available in case you are looking to buy a new policy. Avoid getting the cheapest insurance policy but hunt for the maximum coverage and benefits.

Here are some essential tips that can help you in reducing your insurance premium.

  • Selected a smaller or cheaper bike that’s within your budget.
  • Do not opt for modification of the bike or scooter
  • Safety in riding your bike will lower your risk on the road and hence have a cheaper premium.
  • When you opt for an insurance plan option to pay the premium in one go rather than in instalments.
  • In the event of no claims in a policy year, you would get a no claim bonus which will reduce your premium.
  • Always look for better policy providers rather than taking a hasty decision.
  • Compare your policies online to avail the best benefits

When you opt for your insurance policy always aim to have a Comprehensive Insurance policy as it gives maximum coverage to Third party and the owner.

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