What does a professional take care of while making a wikipedia page

Most the times when people are looking for some information over a particular topic of history, science, a business, or industry, the first place they go to is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has proved to be a great marketing tool for companies and brands over the past years, and it continues to be so. Businesses having their own Wikipedia pages are considered more credible and reliable than their contenders.

The trend of making a Wikipedia page for brands, businesses, and products, has been increasing day by day. Having a Wikipedia page allows a company to climb ranks on the Google search engine’s rank ladder. That helps businesses to get more traffic over their original websites after it is linked to their Wikipedia page.

Making a Wikipedia page is not difficult now businesses can get Wikipedia Writers for hire for getting their pages created. However, for using Wikipedia as a marketing tool, there are few things that a professional page creator should consider and look into before diving into it.

You are at risk of getting hurt:

The page creator might think that adding a link of the website to numerous Wikipedia pages will help direct more traffic to the original site. However, what may seem like a good idea is considered spam in Wikipedia’s terms.

When links added to a Wikipedia page are considered spam, they are removed, and the bad news is that the URL for that website will also be removed so that it cannot be added to any page after that.

If the business has any negative information about it on the internet, editors will link that information about the business to its Wikipedia page that will push the ranks of all the negative information higher in the search engine and that will make the reputation of the company go down the drain.

What is the conflict of interest?

Wikipedia has strict procedures when it comes to conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest arises when people choose to edit an article that has a close connection with them or their business—it means that rewriting an essay about themselves or their company is strongly discouraged. Wikipedia is strictly against people editing or creating their page on their own. Though there is no establishment against it yet, the chances are that an editor will delete the article if they learn that it has had a conflict of interest.

Structuring Strategies:

Apart from notability, the most critical mention in the Wikipedia standard is the formatting guideline. If a person writes an article for Wikipedia and it is not correctly formatted then it will go through heavy scrutiny compared to an article that meets the criteria provided for formatting.

Formatting has a lot to do with the visual appeal, headings, images, and citation format. The editors will only accept an article that meets the formatting standards and is appropriately written.

What are the methods of creating and submitting?

People can post an article on the main space, or they can submit their articles for creation to a professional, even if they do manage to get professional help in this regard there is no saying that their piece will not be deleted in the future. As there is no formal approval process available on Wikipedia, it is quite difficult to tell what the outcome to their submission would be.

Therefore people should not consider writing their first article on their own and professional guide is recommended.

Deletion is a scary process:

If an article is recommended for elimination then the writer should know that there are a few types of elimination and those are speedy deletion, proposed deletion, and a deletion recommendation.

If the article is selected for speedy deletion, then the write will not have much time to build up a defense and will have to go to the discussion page at their priority and leave their comment that states their protection against speedy deletion. When a writer is suggested a proposed deletion that means that there are issues that have been identified by an editor and the writer should look into them and correct them. Once fixed their article will not be removed and lastly, if a writer gets a deletion recommendation than that means the editor feels as if the item should be deleted and states the reason for the proposed suggestion. Then it is voted upon by the committee, the writer of the article is also allowed to vote; however, the result is based on a consensus.



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