What are the some best mysterious stories

Mysterious stories are everyone’s favorite. Who doesn’t love being involved in some enthralling adventurous stories? We have here accumulated some of the shortest, yet intriguing stories that would have you all excited!

  1. This story starts with her daughter’s scream! Screaming for mum. The mother quickly woke up and hurried to her daughter’s room. Her daughter, little and scared, was lying at the corner of her room; she held her mommy’s hand over her head, gasping, shrouding her face and trying to hide from someone or something. The mother calmed her down as she was continuously gasping in horror, she told her mother while she was crying out loud-someone’s inside their house!

The mother took her into her arms and brushed her hands into her hair, and called it off as a bad dream of her. The little girl then quickly pointed towards the door and said-There mommy! And screamed even louder than before. She turned around to see a shadow, with a knife in his hand; her eyes widened, she hugged her daughter as tightly as she could and screamed for help. However, nothing came out of her mouth.

The silhouette came closer and looked into the mother’s eyes. He said – sometimes you need to listen to little children! They tell the truth! And knifed her directly into her heart to which she shrieked in pain.

Her husband woke up to her scream and asked her to calm down. He told her it was only a nightmare. She woke up, looked at her husband and around, and got down from her bed and went to her daughter’s room. The girl was sleeping soundly, she smiled and gave a kiss on her forehead and went back to her room. Her husband asked where she went. She replied with a smile on her face that she went to see their daughter. To which the husband said-We don’t have a daughter!

  1. This is a true story that I came across on the internet. The story goes on with few friends travelling by train. As they were carrying whiskey with them, they needed ice to put into the whiskey. They called a young guy who was a train attendant and asked him to arrange ice for them. The boy at first didn’t agree to their wish, however, upon bribing him and offering him to sit with them to have few drinks, he agreed to bring them some ice. There weren’t any pantry on the train, so to arrange something like ice was hard.

A few minutes later, he brought the ice, and they enjoyed their drinking party. For the next round, they wanted some more, to which they asked him to get some more ice. He again, hesitated, however, these guys were averse and bribed him the double they did before. He still manages to get them some ice. After 4-5 rounds, when they finally asked once again for the ice, the attendant guy strictly said it’s impossible for him to get the ice. When they all asked the reason behind his strict rejection- he said- where would I get the ice when we already have delivered the dead body at last station.

If someone is confused with the ending-the attendant was getting ice from the container where the dead body was placed.

  1. Charfield, England, faced a tragedy on October 13, 1928, early morning. A mail train with 50 passengers aboard, crashed into a goods train, and the derailment caused a massive fire due to the ignition of gas cylinders. The mail train couldn’t see a red signal due to the heavy, thick fog before reaching Charfield Station. Total 15 passengers died in that event, with 23 passengers injured. This tragic event ignited a mystery- two dead bodies were discovered of young girl & boy that were unidentified.

The fire that caused due to the gas cylinders burned them to the extent that no one could recognize the bodies. No one came to claim them nor were they able to be matched as a passenger on the train. Theories were that they weren’t even children; however, a couple of jockeys or something. Some said the stories were dupe made by the media to make more money out of the tragic event. A woman came forward claiming the bodies to be of her two brothers. However, the statement was never given much importance. The mystery remained!

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