What are the common foot injuries you can face in an accident

Injuries can occur at any place and in an accident. Accidents are unpredictable and can cause a brutal impact on the human body. Foot injuries are common in any accidents. Foot injuries can occur in several ways such as slipping on a wet surface, tripping or due to a car accident. Walking on an uneven surface can also cause foot and ankle injuries.

Foot injuries can be of various types. These injuries can reduce your ability to do actions, and in some severe cases, you are entirely unable to perform the daily tasks. If you are involved in an accident which was due to someone else’s negligence and fault, you can claim compensation. In an accident, if you don’t know about the liable party, even then you can request the compensation. If you want to register the claim you can also seek the help of the solicitor.


The human foot has a complex structure made of many bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Damage to one of these components can cause an inability to perform tasks. In some cases, the person is unable to walk or even stand. There are various types of injuries which can occur to foot in an accident.

Strain or sprain

Strain or sprain is a common injury in an accident. As you know, when you walk on an uneven surface, you are not able to balance your weight. This can put extra pressure on your ankle and bones of the feet.
In other cases, if you walk on a slippery surface, you will notice that you are not able to grip the floor surface. The slippery surface doesn’t have friction or has less friction. Due to the change of friction, you can’t actually grip the surface and you usually get a slip. This can rupture your ligaments and also cause injuries to the pelvic area.

Toe injury

Toe injury can occur in various accidents. A road accident, accident at a public place, workplace accident, or tripping can also cause toe injuries. These injuries usually involve finger and nail damage. These injuries hurt badly and can cause various problems.

Type of foot bones

Forefoot bones – forefoot contains five bones, any injury to these bones can cause devastating effects

Hindfoot bones – The hind foot or back foot consist of the ankle and heal. These joints provide support to the other bones in the legs. The heel bone is the biggest bone in the feet.

Midfoot bones – midfoot bones, as shown by name, covers the midfoot area. The human midfoot has a pyramid-like shape, which makes the arches of the foot.

Stress fracture

A stress fracture is not as severe as a broken bone. However, the stress fracture is quite painful and can cause tiny cracks in the bones. These cracks are common in feet and leg area. Commonly you will feel pain in the affected area along with cracks.

Ankle Sprain

The composition of the ankle makes it easy to twist. Any uneven surface can twist your ankle. This condition occurs when your foot rolls outwards, and your ankle rolls inward. Furthermore, you may feel inflammation and swelling in the ankle.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendons are the tissues which connect the calf muscles with the heel bone. This tendinitis occurs when the tendons become inflamed and cause ache near the calf and on the back of the leg.

The above injuries are common in road accidents and accidents at work. However, the public place accident or slip or trip can also cause feet injuries.

After the accident, you need to report the accident to the government department immediately. If the accident occurs in the industry where you work, never hesitate to report this in the industries accident book. You can also call the police on the spot to make your claim strong. If you are not unconscious, you can take the pictures of the accident place and of the wounds. This will help you to pursue your case in the solicitor’s court.

Seek the doctor’s help

Your priority should be seeking medical attention immediately. As you know, if you delay your treatment, you will put your life in danger. Therefore, delaying medical treatment can also worsen your condition. However, if you still don’t seek medical attention, you may ruin your compensation claim.

Seek the solicitor’s help

To pursue your case, you can seek the advice of the personal injury solicitor. Always, consult with an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor Preston who has years of experience in the relevant injury field. If the liable party which responsible for the foot injury agrees on settlement talks, your case is probably close. You will get the compensation amount with the weeks. However, if the liable party doesn’t accept their negligence for the foot injuries, you can send them legal notice of court hearings with the help of personal injury solicitor.

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