Wear long skirt trend

Stylish, feminine and practical maxi skirt can be combined with various types of clothing and footwear. It is suitable for summer and winter looks. Having such a skirt in their wardrobe, lederhosen women may not part with it all year round!

There are three lengths, each of which has its own characteristics:

  1. To the middle of the leg. Suitable for girls of medium and short stature, both slim and curvaceous. It is combined with closed shoes on the platform or a low heel.
  2. Maxi. It is an ankle-length skirt that completely covers the calf, but leaves the foot closed. Suits slim girls tall. It is best to wear a skirt with classic shoes.
  3. In the floor. This is a skirt that completely covers the foot and shoes, lightly touching the floor. Suitable for any height and shape and is combined with any shoe.

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Fashionable long skirts of the new season of 2020

Long skirts for a long time were undeservedly forgotten by fashionistas. Many believed that such a thing is suitable only for special occasions and celebrations. Today the situation has begun to change radically. Long skirts, photos of which can be seen in fashion magazines, provide just a huge field for stylistic experiments. Such a thing successfully migrated to everyday style, and designers try to do everything that depends on them in order to diversify their usual style. Beautiful long skirts can be worn at any time of the year, creating stylish and original looks.

Fashionable skirts to the floor can be safely called a universal thing, which has no age restrictions. In addition, they are suitable for owners of completely different types of shapes. Slim models emphasize feminine curves, making them smooth. If you need to hide curvaceous hips, you should choose a slightly different, looser style that hides this feature.

Designers and stylists have already called this style the best alternative for the usual trousers. In addition, the skirt will not hold down movements and will make you feel comfortable. Thanks to such a thing, the figure looks more balanced, all problem areas are hidden, and the waistline is perfectly underlined. Every woman has the opportunity to choose the right skirt for themselves. A variety of models presented will help in this.

Eternal classics that will never leave fashion catwalks are plain skirts. Dark shades, such as blue, brown, black, will allow you to come to business meetings or to work, making your image more business and strict. Long skirts of gentle pastel shades will be suitable for romantic images. Bright colors will convey your beautiful summer mood. Look great long skirts with a geometric print, of which given a huge selection. It is unrealistic to look at beautiful skirts in a cage and stripes. And since ethnic fashion has recently gained popularity, skirts with such a print will not leave anyone indifferent: ethnic prints in African or Indian style are especially popular.

According to tradition, summertime cannot do without a floral print that any outfit can turn into a romantic, vivid image. In addition to this, floral prints help make physical defects less visible, for example, a small flower can visually reduce its fullness.

For lovers of interesting and extraordinary things, designers have prepared Womens Long Skirts with abstract patterns that look very cool at lederhosen store. To make your image look more harmonious, you should select things in such a way that only one of them is lush. Thus, if you picked up a full skirt-sun skirt, then a nice top will be a great addition to it. Otherwise, you will look like a magnificent cupcake. If you want to wear a fluffy blouse made of lightweight fabrics, then a trapezoid skirt is perfect for her.

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