Vtp blue waters budget or luxury property which one is right for you

VTP Blue Waters is offering 1,2, and 3-BHK apartments in the Mahalunge area of Pune. These apartments provide many amenities and are located close to IT parks and business centres. This makes it an ideal choice for people looking at the budget and luxury properties. There is some confusion among investors regarding the critical differences between luxury and budget apartments. You may find yourself wondering which investment is better- luxury or budget? Interested buyers must read this article to get an idea about these two kinds of properties.

What is a Luxury Apartment?

There is no pre-set definition of a luxury apartment. Typically, apartments having 3 or more bedrooms qualify as luxury apartments. However, a prominent size is not the sole criteria for an apartment to be regarded as luxurious. Some universal indicators are followed by buyers and sellers in this regard. These are:

a) Location

All luxurious properties are located at prime locations. For example, VTP Blue Waters flats are located in the upmarket area of the city in Pune.

Some examples of prime locations in various cities in India include Golf Links in Delhi and Nariman Point in Mumbai. But the site may not be the only criteria for a property to be considered luxurious.

b) Size

All luxurious properties are significant in size, which includes super and carpeted area. These properties have 3 or more bedrooms.  VTP Blue Waters in Pune offers 3 bedroom apartments to fit the criteria of being regarded as a luxurious property.

c) World Class Features

To be termed a luxury apartment, a flat must provide world-class amenities and features. These features could be related to entertainment, security, sports and games, dining experience etc. For example, a luxury property in Pune could offer the best-in-class entertainment facilities, luxurious interiors, spacious lawns, a medium or big sized swimming pool, a golf course, a club and other excellent features.

d) Exclusivity

Luxurious apartments are located close to beaches, mountains and scenic locales. Aristocrats, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, businessmen, film-stars and the cream of the society tend to house in luxury apartments.

Budget Apartments

These are moderately priced apartments and cater to the needs of a larger section of buyers. Budget apartments are mostly meant for first-time buyers. Flat sizes in this category are smaller than luxury apartments with limited facilities and amenities. A 2-BHK flat in Pune could be regarded as a budget property.

Which one is better to invest – luxury or budget apartments?

Both options offer excellent investment opportunities. In case of a luxury apartment, you may be required to make a significant investment. Budget apartments tend to be more affordable for a larger section of buyers. Many luxury apartment owners do not consider their homes as investment avenues. Luxury properties are largely bought with the primary goal of living in luxury and comfort. However, investment activity in the budget home segment is more feverish as there are always several buyers interested in these flats.


While a budget apartment may come at more pocket-friendly costs, a luxury apartment can also be well within your reach. Buying a luxury or budget apartment is easy these days. There are several banks ready to offer you home loan for small or big flats. With the help of a Bajaj Finserv home loan, you could book your flat anywhere in Pune. Bajaj Home Finance Limited offers loans up to Rs. 3.5 crores and one can repay this loan in 20 years. Thanks to these loans, once can now aspire to buy a luxury property in Pune.


Summing up, a luxurious flat is bigger, has several world-class facilities, and can be expensive. Budget flats are smaller and could lack features of a typical luxurious apartment. However, there is more investment activity in the budget housing segment. To buy a flat in VTP Blue Waters Pune, a buyer could approach numerous financial institutions for home loans on easy conditions. Flats in VTP Blue Waters are available from Rs. 36 lakhs onwards and you could buy a flat in this property for personal or investment purposes.

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