Visit the top 5 artist house museums in northeast america

Looking at a piece of art is an experience that turns out to be more inspirational when set in the location of its creation. Never heard about this? You can actually understand Winslow Homer, the maritime artist better while admiring his work in his studio terrace. Similarly, you can connect with Donald Judd and his collection at his home cum studio. On witnessing the great works of your favorite artists at their studio or home, you might not just admire the piece of art better but also get to understand them as a person.

There are some of the top artist house museums in the Northeast America that houses the original works of famous artists and minimalists. Check out some to include in your next trip to the States.

Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation in New York

Located in a 4-story brick townhouse at 526 LaGuardia Place of Greenwich Village, this art museum in USA is the center of the neighborhood with trendy eateries around. The ground floor that was once a storefront was converted into a skylight studio of Chaim Gross, a modernist sculptor in the year 1963. Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation is open for visitors on Thursdays and Fridays. You can take a guided tour to the artist house museum that includes displays of Gross’s marble and wood sculptures that he left in the studio. Going upstairs, you will come across the living area having more than 200 artworks on the walls. This is a display of his personal collection.

Andrew Wyeth Studio at Brandywine Museum of Art in Pennsylvania

Andrew Wyeth was a painter who believed in painting realistic portraits and landscapes. While his peers were busy diving into the pool of abstraction, he painted some of the most realistic portraits of his neighbors. You will find most of his works inspired by the surroundings of the schoolhouse-turned-studio in rural areas of Pennsylvania.

If you want to see the dedication of the great painter flowing in his artworks, visit the Andrew Wyeth Studio and NC Wyeth House & Studio, now a part of Brandywine Museum of Art in Pennsylvania. The place is filled with his beloved works and objects – more than 900 miniature soldiers, his favorite books. Not just this, among his pigments and paintbrushes, you will see a carton of eggs – the man was an expert in painting with egg tempera, an artistic painting technique of ancient times.

Donald Judd Foundation in New York

The third on our list of best art museums is Donald Judd Foundation, home and studio of Donald Judd, the famous minimalist artist. It is a postmodern 5-story building dating back to the 1870s, settled in SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.

It was in 1968 that Judd bought entire installation and set up his work space that include his complete artwork. Donald’s kitchen utensils, like the industrial meat-slicer and Russian Samovar co-exist with his artworks along with the works of Jean Arp and Marcel Duchamp. You will find the books still on the studio floor – it is intentional. Pay for a guided tour to explore and admire the artworks installed in the entire area. You will be surprised by the fact that the guides are local artists themselves.

Winslow Homer Studio and House in Maine

A man like Winslow Homer, who is renowned for his paintings of men sailing o boats and seascapes would be living by the ocean. Obvious, isn’t it? Yes, he did. After spending his childhood in Boston and around 2o years in the busy New York City, Homer moved to the carriage house in Maine offering spectacular view of the blue Atlantic. He spent rest of his life here, almost 30 years.

Named as Winslow Homer Studio and Home, it is a popular art destination in USA, recently restored by Portland Museum of Art and is open to visitors for guided tours. You can see the personal photos, furniture and artworks. DO not miss going upstairs to the studio terrace for the panoramic view of the ocean that was Homer’s inspiration.

Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center in New York

Edward Hooper, an American realist painter stayed only at two places throughout his 84-years of life – the first being his birthplace in lower Hudson Valley and the next was  a fourth-floor apartment at Washington Square North in Greenwich Village of Manhattan. Today, both the places are open to visitors but an elaborate display is found at Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center – Hopper’s sketches, family memorabilia and holiday cards are on display. You can also have a look into his childhood bedroom that offers a view of Hudson River along with some artistic materials of his childhood days.

It will be a wonderful experience exploring these art creators’ places. Book cheap flights to New York at Indian Eagle and get on the journey of exploration.

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