Tricks 8 ball pool everything you need to know about the best mobile game of billiards

Nothing like a good game of billiards with our friends to have a good time. If you like to play pool and want to practice anywhere, then you need the game of the moment on your mobile: 8 Ball Pool!

Download and play

You can play 8 ball pool rewards for free by downloading the application from the App Store or Google Play Store. Play with different people around the world in 1 vs 1 battle or in tournaments of up to 8 players in multiplayer.

Win games to level up and face the best in the game. You can also invite your friends to a game from your Facebook or Miniclip account. You just have to log in to the application.

Choose the table and customize the taco you use by winning prizes such as pool coins or new items, which you can also buy at the store. The game is available in more than 5 languages, including Spanish and English.


Can you hack 8 Ball Pool?

There are websites that offer to hack the game, but most of these only give malicious software or do not generate anything you expect.

  • One of the ways offered is through the xmod games hack, but for this option, you need to have your mobile device rooted and install the app. However, players have reported that this method has not yielded results.
  • Cheat Engine also says that it can increase the currency in the game through the installation of an APK without the need for data or root. But there are no changes after installation.
  • is another way used by many people looking for free eight ball pool hacks. On this page, they tell you that you must register your game account and select the operating system in which you play, where they “send” a code.

You have to choose the pool of money pool and coins. As soon as you click on it, a loading bar appears with the order. When finished, you will be asked to verify that you are not a robot by downloading an app.

Thus, they ask you to continue completing tasks where you have to go leaving your personal data such as phone number, email and more. Always redirecting to more websites with advertising without ever receiving the code.

When you enter your data, you may be at risk of misuse. Therefore, the only way you can hack this game is by accessing the main code. Even for a programmer, it takes a lot of time.

Long lines

To have long lines of fire it is not necessary to hack the game, because this is not possible to obtain it that way. But here we explain how to be the best you can maximize the shots during your games.

It’s all about how and where you aim, maximizing the power with which you are going to hit the white ball. Normally, the white ball will hit the ones inside the triangle and transfer its energy.

You get the best results by placing the cue at the bottom of the table, with the white ball near the edge. Try to hit the second ball of the ball grid, just the next one of the ball that points to the triangle formed by the rack.

limited money

As we told you, there are people who offer online hoaxes to hack the game. The reason: get many free coins effortlessly. However, most are scams where your information is at risk.

But there are methods and tricks to get the free 8 ball pool coins easily and legitimately, without exposing yourself. Here’s how to get free coins at 8 Ball Pool :

  • Choose the tables well: The London table, for example, you have the option to easily earn money. At the Sydney or Moscow tables, the prize will always be double the income. Similarly, in Tokyo, Las Vegas, and Jakarta. 

The highest levels are Paris, Rome, and Bangkok, with prizes of millions of coins. In Monaco, you can win twice what you bet, even though it is very expensive to enter (1000 coins), so be careful with bets.

  • Enter tournaments. The competitions in the leagues, field or the world championship will give you great rewards of money and coins that you can accumulate every week, usually up to 5 or 6 times the money of your fee.

One trick you can do is enter a weekly competition and leave 5 minutes before the end of the league. You must wait until Saturday or Sunday, and you will be placed in an easy league.

This will allow you to easily earn more money. Each league ends on Monday, so you will have a week to complete. When you register, you will be indicated the amount of the prize.

Legendary Tacos

One of the things that 8 Ball Pool players like best is to be able to win and highlight all their skills through the blocks.

The standard cue gives you greater skills and powers as they accumulate. On the other hand, the legendary or special tacos that give advantages in visual effects as well as superpowers.

You can buy them at the official store of the boxes. Each box of legendary tacos has a value of 20 Euros. You can buy 3 for 45 euros. Legendary boxes bring pieces to be assembled gradually. So, to acquire the legendary tacos you must use money and buy all the pieces, enjoying bonuses such as coins, powers, and mini-games.

These legendary tacos have several benefits, such as increased strength, better aim, time, longer lines and visual effects. In 8 Ball Pool, there are 20 different tacos with powers.

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