Treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome

Woman suffers from polycystic ovarian disease and it interrupts the menstruation cycle. Usually, people who are suffering from this problem cannot easily conceive as it affects the ovulation process. It is a condition and a complex disorder that can lead to other problems such as irregular menstrual bleeding, insulin resistance, poor ovum production, and also causes infertility. Due to this problem, excessive hair follicles grow on the body.

Ayurveda states that this problem is caused due to ‘stri beeja and rajah formation’ and hence ‘ama dosha’ should be corrected. The tridoshas should be corrected and regulated and the treatment includes the following

Treatment of PCOS through energies

So, it includes ‘agnimandya’ at both the levels of ‘jataragni’ and ‘dhatwagni’. Certain purifactory therapies are recommended to reduce the problem. The doctors usually recommend that such persons should regularly perform yogasanas. Instead of consuming junk food, they should consume fruits and fresh vegetables. One of the proven remedy for this problem is Kanchar Guggulu. It is a medicine that helps in removing the growth, lumps or swelling or fibroids or cysts. It reduces the male hormones in the body and corrects hormonal imbalance. It enhances the ovarian functions and hence they promote ovulation. The endocrine functions in the body also should be regulated because they produce PCOS.

Doctors even recommend kaphar medicines to cure this problem. Usually, the woman of reproductive age experiences this problem. They have irregular menstrual cycles that are caused due to hormonal disturbances.  The ovaries produce excessive androgen in the body and hence the ovaries develop several follicles that do not release the eggs. The person should seek treatment as early as possible. Some of the women even experience baldness due to this problem. A woman suffering from irregular menstrual cycles should meet the doctor as early as possible.

Ayurveda treatment can provide long-term treatment to the patient.  The other ayurvedic treatments include hareetaki that contains amazing laxative effects. They reduce the morbidity of the body. They also comprise aegle or bilva marmelos that helps in reducing the size of the follicles in the ovary and they improve the digestive system. Herbs such as punarnava are suggested to purify the system and drain away the toxins from the ovaries. Shatavari substance is advice because it contains phytooestrogen substances. To reduce the ‘agni’ content in the body, Lake er dhareyjata is also advised. This problem is usually caused due to other problems such as excessive insulin, heredity, low-grade inflammation, and excessive androgen in the body. Insulin produced in the body helps in depleting the sugar content in the pancreas. So, due to excessive insulin content in the body, excessive androgen is produced in the body. People with problems of low-grade inflammation; stimulate polycystic ovaries that produce androgens. So, this can cause problem to the blood vessels and heart. This problem is also caused due to hereditary factors.  Due to production of excessive androgen in the body, it results in hirsutism and the person also suffers from acne.

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