Treating blackhead a dangerous skin infection

There are various types of infections and diseases that affect both men and women. Some skin infections can be bad looking and also dangerous for overall health, causing pain and problems. One such dangerous skin infection is termed to be blackhead. Although termed to be dangerous, it is not, however, life threatening. But it is good enough to kill the person’s self-confidence and make him/her conscious about looks. Moreover, if this issue is not treated on time and properly, then it is likely to cause permanent scar on the skin. The reputed Skin Specialist Doctor in India should be consulted about the issue and avail proper treatment that will work effectively.

Some common mistakes committed

A good number of teens and adults who experiences blackhead on their face or body are found to try to pop or squeeze it out using their hands. It is considered to be a common form of infection, which may convert into something serious type of abscess. Humans are quite tempted to pop this out once it is noticed anywhere in the body.

Some steps to follow for treating blackheads

There are available various types of lotions in the market that claim to remove blackheads from the face or body when applied topically. But care should be taken to ensure that the lotion used meets the needs of the sensitive skin and does not react negatively to give out side effects. Hence, getting recommendation from a skin specialist will be useful.

The very initial step to be taken towards extracting blackhead will be to soften the skin using steam. This can be done using facial steamer that is available easily or fill up hot water in the basin or use wet warm cloth to serve the purpose. It will make the skin to become ready for extraction. However, one ground rule needs to be followed when trying to extract blackhead. Try popping it out one or two times. But still if it is adamant and does not come out, then it is better to leave it.

  • Take some basil leaves and boil it within a coup of water. Then cool the same and apply it using cotton ball.
  • Mix lemon, curd, honey and salt, for this mixture is termed to be the perfect scrub to moreover blackhead.
  • Prepare cinnamon and lime juice paste or coriander leaves and turmeric powder paste and apply this mixture on the face.
  • Take a tsp. of groundnut oil and combine it with a tsp. of lime juice and apply it to prevent formation of blackhead.

The above are just few of the home made remedies that can be tried out during the initial stage. However, if the issue becomes more complex, then it will be wise to contact the top Best Dermatologist in India, who can offer the best available remedy and ensure that this issue is removed permanently and in a safe manner.

But as a word of caution, try not to extract or pop up the blackhead with hands or nails at any point of time.

Duties of a skin specialist

Skincare specialists are said to perform the following:

  • Discuss the treatments that are available to the patient and try to determine the products that will help to improve the client’s skin texture and quality.
  • Evaluate skin appearance and conditions of the client.
  • Clean skin prior to applying makeup
  • Remove unwanted hair by using laser, was and other approved forms of treatments.
  • Advice and train clients on the right steps to apply makeup as well as to take proper care of skin.
  • Recommend various types of skin care products like creams, lotions and cleansers.
  • Clean work areas and disinfect equipment.
  • Refer patients to other skincare specialists like dermatologist to check up for more serious skin issues.

The specialists are known to provide full body, facial treatments as well as neck and head massages to help improve skin appearance and overall health. Some might offer various types of skin care treatments like scrubs, masks or peels to eliminate dry or dead skin. They also design daily skin care regimen based upon skin analysis.

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