Top places to visit in madhya pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the central state which is also the heart of Indian tourism. This place is full of amazing forts some fantastic temples and magnificent monuments along with a lovely scenic beauty. So, this summer one can pay a visit to this state and get an essence of their rich culture and traditions.

Though there are endless spaces to visit in this big state, here are some places that one can try on their first visit in this state.

Khajuraho Temples

This is a remote place where lies a cluster of 85 temples. They contain both Jain and Hindu temples and all of them are carved with the fine figurines of women and men making love, praying, playing music, dancing and performing some daily activities. These temples are famous only for their amazing sculptures and carvings on all the walls and the pillars of shrines. This place is labelled as a UNESCO world heritage site and if one has an interest in ancient India then this place is a must visit for them.

Kanha National Park

It is one of the best reserve forests of India where one can get to see Royal Bengal Tigers. This national park is one of the biggest national parks in the state and this place was one of the inspirations of Rudyard Kipling when he wrote his world famous book ‘The Jungle Book’. Apart from royal Bengal tigers one can also get to see here the cat tigers and barasingha (a type of deer).

 Omkareshwar Temple

This place is the perfect abode for the Hindu devotees because this place has 12 jyotirilingas of Lord Shiva. This place is located in the banks of Narmada River and here the shrine actually depicts a north India architectural style. There is also an island located at the heart of the river which is shaped as an ‘OM’ which is a Hindu sacred symbol.


This place depicts the pride the courage of the Rajputana clan. When one is here, they have to visit the famous Gwalior Fort which is one of the largest forts in the country and it a brilliant piece of architecture. This place is also known as the seat for the famous Indian musician named Tansen.


This is another centre of Hindu pilgrimage and this is one of the oldest cities of India which lies at the banks of Kshipra River. It is one of the seven sacred places of India where Kumbha Mela is held every 12 years. One can visit the famous Lord Shiva temple here along with the Radha Mohan Temple and Kalbhairava Temple.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is another popular destination for the wild life lovers. Apart from the Royal Bengal tigers, one can also get to see here the Nilgai, wild boar, fox, jackals and varied species of birds and butterflies.

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