Top employee concerns impacting productivity and ways to solve them

We all know that productivity and growth of a company can hamper because of employee behavior. Employee behavior can change because of changes in personal life or professional life. The impact of the same on the organization can be positive or negative. Events like loss of someone dear, divorce, demotion, bad terms with a colleague will obviously affect the performance of the employee. However, events like marriage, promotion, and many others tend to increase employee productivity at work.

While the improved performance is nothing to worry about; an employee performing low and hindering the growth of the company is something that needs to be deliberately thought over.

If there is some personal concern worrying the employee, due to professional restraints you probably cannot do much about it. If that isn’t the case, you must try to instigate a conversation to know their concern related to their work.

Here is a list of some major employee concerns affecting the growth of the companies-

1.)The employee may be dissatisfied with his current salary.

2.)The employee may be overloaded with work.

3.)He might not be happy with your benefits programs.

4.)He may believe his manager is biased.

5.)The employee may not be happy because of excessive intrusion in his work.

6.)The workplace conditions may be his reason of worry.

This is just a stone throw in the sea of concerns your employees may have. It is not till the time you conduct a small survey in your organisation that you would know what all is disappointing your employees.

Nonetheless, the aforementioned concerns can be solved with these tips-

HR Department should take the lead- A culture of inclusion, equality, should be worked upon. Moreover, the HR personnel should also start interacting with other employees in the organisation. Listening to their grievances and working to improve them should be a part of their weekly practice.

ERP software can do wonders– A lot of work can be automated by implementing the right software. When you implement the right software, you can avoid heavy chaos, mistakes on the very first level. Plus, an ERP does wonder by saving the critical time of your employees and they can easily depend on the software to have a quick view of information at any place and time. You can contact one of the best ERP implementation service partners for implementing the ERP software in your budget.

Review performance to promote equality- Use the performance software for setting deliverables. Review the performance at the time of appraisal to give the right salary hikes.

By now. it is crystal clear that employee happiness is the key to the rapid growth of any organisation. Frequent meetings, transparency, warm welcome to suggestions, feedback, and freedom to share opinions is quintessential. To increase the efficiency, even more, an HR software inclusive of help desk ticketing software should be put to use. Neglecting your employee concerns can cost you a fortune in the long run, so never do that.

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