Top 5 beautiful lakes in india

India is  popular for pleasing lakes and rivers. There are most attractive lakes that are spread all over India from Kashmir to Kerala and Rajasthan to Assam.These accumulations of water surfaces are popular for attracting tourists.One of the most beautiful lake in India is cholamu lake which is located in north Sikkim. This lake is the fourteenth largest lake in the world. The oldest and largest crater in India is the lonar crater which is located at buldhana district in Maharashtra state.

Now, have a look at the top 5 lakes in India.

  1. Wular Lake, Kashmir:

Wular lake is the largest lake in India, as well as in Asia which lies in Kashmir valley. The lake is surrounded by towering mountains. As this lake contains green water, so it is a natural habitat for fishes and beautiful birds.  People who live on the coast of the lake earn money from fishing. Wular lake attracts tourist by its nature and greenery.

Wular lake is a favourite picnic spot for people around India and also for foreigners.  This lake is refilled by the water of Jhelum river.

  1. Lotak Lake, Manipur:

Lotak lake is located in Manipur. It is the largest lake in northeastern India. It is a freshwater lake and contains fluid phumdis, it is called a floating lake. This lake plays a crucial role in the economy of Manipur.

As a freshwater lake, it plays an important role in serving water for hydropower generation, irrigation drinking water and wildlife.

  1. Damdama lake, Haryana:

Damdama lake is also the largest lake in Haryana. It is situated approximately 60 km from Delhi, it is a gateway for weekends. Aravalli hills are also near to Damdama lake. This is best for boating, rock climbing and trekking, Damdama lake is also good for adventure sports facilities like hot air ballooning and parasailing. One can enjoy the beautiful sceneries at Damdama lake.

  1. Lake Pichola, Udaipur:

Lake Pichola is an artificial freshwater lake. It is situated in Udaipur city, Rajasthan. Udaipur is well known as the city of lakes. Tourists are attracted by the sceneries around this lake. This lake is popular for its boating. Missing boating in Pichola is like committing a crime. An English journalist, Rudyard Kipling mentioned about this lake in his letters of marque, “if the Venetian owned the Pichola lake, it might obviously say that, see it and then die”. Pichola lake makes everyone to fall in love with it. Jagmandir, one of the famous tourist destinations of Udaipur is also a part of Pichola Lake. A boat ride in this lake at the time of sunset is sufficient to attract each and every human being. Experience the beautiful lake with Palace on Wheels Rajasthan and make your trip more memorable.

  1. Vembanad Lake, Kerala:

Vembanad lake is located in the land of god, i.e., Kerala. This lake emits the colours of sapphire and emerald. The sight of green emerald edges bound by the sapphire led backwaters is very attractive for eyes. One can feel pleasant by seeing this visual in Vembanad lakes. This is the longest lake in India and also the largest water reservoir in Kerala. This is also known as the heart of Kerala backwater. The sceneries around this lake help the tourists to relax their minds.

Vembanad lake is known by different names in different cities. In Kochi, the people call it as Kochi lake whereas in Kuttanad it is known as punnamada. Local people also call it as Vembanad koyal. However, it is the best tourist place in Kerala and also a good weekend spot for local people.

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