Top 4 advantages of voip that you need to know

When you start any business or enterprise, the first and foremost requirement to be met is a reliable phone service. Though a lot of work is carried out through a cluster of networked desktops nowadays yet a phone is indispensable when it comes to handling daily tasks.

Speaking of traditional phone systems and calling methods, these are very expensive to configure as well as sustain. Also, if you need to scale the operations because of the changing requirements, traditional communications systems do not offer you the required flexibility to do so with ease. Here’s when VoIP comes to your rescue.

VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

It is a framework that offers you phone technology via broadband internet connectivity. Google Voice makes use of the VoIP, however, it is marred with several limitations like you can get access to just one number and no extensions, you can’t start the calls from your cellphone etc. to name a few. No wonder, it is not a viable option from the business perspective.

If you are looking for a reliable VoIP based calling and messaging service for your SME then MightyCall is your answer to it.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you absolutely need to shift to VoIP now.

  1. Easier to install and maintain: IP phones are simplest to install- So, even if you are a person with limited technical know-how, with the help of few guidelines you can easily pull it off. Scaling is also not a problem- At any point in time, you can easily configure the system as per your business requirements. MightyCallservice is totally cloud-based, hence, no hardware or software installation is involved. All you require are the IP phones and you are good to go.
  2. Call features: All the traditional call features that you find in the conventional set-up are available with the VoIP based services as well. Hence, from the cold hold, conference calling, call hunt to the auto-attendant menu options, not a single functionality is missing out.
  3. Fax Service: This might sound like an old school butVoIP based services support Fax too. We are living in the age of messengers, email and other methods of instant communications, however, there still can be situations where you might feel need to use a fax service. The best part is that you can receive the fax directly into your configured email account so very conveniently VoIP takes off the requirement of a fax machine as well.
  1. Saves money: Conventional calling system is very costly to set up, configure and maintain and scaling is an added cost. On the contrary, VoIP based services are not only inexpensive to install but the calling and messaging cost is also invariably low when compared with the traditional setups.

With Google Voice, you get only one local number, however, if you choose to go with MightyCall service you can get up to 10 numbers depending upon your chosen plan and an unlimited number of extensions for free as well.

Choosing a smart and reliable VoIP based service can help you save considerably and do wonders for your business.


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