Title how can hiit workouts be unsafe for you

Once again, high-intensity interval training is gaining new heights of popularity in the year 2019.  As per the latest survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT workout has registered the topmost position in the list of latest fitness trends. Undoubtedly, HIIT workout is one of the best ways to improve your overall body stamina and relatively burn maximum calories in the shortest interval of training. Hence, it has become one of the most preferred choices among the people who are looking forward to shedding those extra pounds.

But while HIIT is the best and most effective workout option, it may not be right for everyone out there. Here are some cases that you need to avoid doing HIIT workout as per qualified health coach with certification in fitness trainer course in Delhi:

You have issues related to heart:

HIIT workout isn’t good for people who are diagnosed with the heart-related ailments. These exercises are considered to exert more work load on the heart and the lungs to quickly supply oxygen.  Generally speaking, such type of exercises can cause stress for your heart to become tougher. Though, in exceptional cases, exercise can cause the heart to work much harder than required, eventually leading to a cardiac arrest (ex. heart attack).

However, the risk of heart attack increases more provided you smoke, have high sugar level, high blood pressure level and high cholesterol level. However, it is safe to these exercises once you have consulted your doctor or under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer with fitness trainer course in Delhi in HIIT training.

You are new to the workout regimen

Are you new to exercises? Then you have to be cautious before you jump start with the HIIT training as there are high chances that you will end up straining your muscles or even injuring yourself. Why would that happen? Well, as you are new to the workout regimen your muscles and other tissues are weak being inactive since a long time so they won’t be able to bear the pressure of this high-intensity interval training. It is quite understandable that when you are new to exercises you are more enthusiastic to get quick results. But, you shouldn’t rush and take it slow till your body isn’t ready.

Hence, it would be advisable either to build up your stamina level by regularly exercising or you should consider hiring qualified personal trainer with fitness trainer course in Delhi in HIIT training.

You are suffering from an injury

If you are already suffering from any sort of muscle, joints, tendons or ligament injury, then HIIT interval training is a big no-no for you. The main reason behind avoiding high-intensity interval training is that these exercises are high-impact in nature and increase the risk of worsening the injury further. Always make sure whenever you are suffering from any type of above-mentioned injury either go with the low-impact workout regimen or consult a qualified personal trainer with fitness trainer course in Delhi.

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