Tips to pick a reliable apple accessories supplier

Are you searching for that right supplier who can supply good repair parts to you? Or are you searching for original apple accessories wholesale supplier? Anyway, you will get some tips in this article which will help you in picking a reliable supplier.

When you run a repair shop, you want customer satisfaction. And for that, you need high-quality parts. How will the customer get satisfaction if you repair your customer’s phone with low-quality parts? Or what will happen if your customer does not get the original Apple accessories? You will lose your name in the market and it might affect your business.

You now don’t need to worry and you can change your wholesale supplier and choose the one that is more reliable and authentic. To buy original accessories of Apple products like iPad and iPhone, keep the following questions in mind to choose the right supplier for you –

  • What are their shipping charges?

The supplier’s shipping charge depends mainly on two factors. The first one is the shipping location, and the second is the amount of order to be shipped. If you want your order to be shipped free of cost in the USA, you need to place an order of $250 or more. This amount is not the same for every distributor, it is an approximation. If you are an owner of a repair shop, you can buy the repair parts like iPhone and iPad replacement parts in bulk. If you want to get your order urgently, the supplier may charge you some extra bucks to ship your order overnight.

  • What payment methods they accept?

Online payments are quite normal and people find it easy and quick to use their credit cards for payments instead of cash. You can check the website of the supplier to know about all the payment methods that the supplier accepts. Some suppliers may also accept payments through PayPal.

  • What is the warranty period of the products you buy?

Every customer who buys an accessory from you wants some warranty. Does your supplier provides any warranty on the iPhone accessories like Cases, Charging cables, Power backpacks, headphones, etc.? If not, you need to choose another wholesale supplier who can give warranties on the accessories and repair parts like iPad replacement parts. You can get a warranty period of three months or more, depends on the supplier. If you are not getting any warranty related information on the website, you can confirm the warranty by contacting the sales representative of the supplier before you place your order.

  • Is there any extra discount you can get?

The supplier wants to sell their products in bulk. If you choose to buy in bulk, you can get an additional discount. You can contact the sales representative of the suppliers to get any discount related information if you are not getting on the supplier’s website.

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