Tips to move the bookcase while relocating

An avid reader and a book lover would understand the pain of parting from books. The bookcase is one of those possessions that a book lover cannot even think to discard, their heart lies in that small corner of the house where they have their own personal library. However, while relocating to move a huge bookcase is not an easy task and it is really inconvenient to move these bookcases from one place to another.

For a professional company like Moving Relo, it may not be a complicated process but still, it requires proper planning and care, not only because it requires a lot of strength but also because moving the same can lead to injuries.

Here are some tips to pack your bookcase for moving with utmost care so that it can reach its new destination in an excellent condition.

• First of all, assess the condition of your bookcase. Analyze whether it’s worth taking along or whether it can handle such movement or not. There are times when we are already planning to replace something; in that case, it is better to leave such bulky and heavy furniture behind instead of taking a damaged piece of furniture to your new abode. Also, you need to take care of the space at your new home; it may or may not be able to accommodate the existing bookcase.

• Once you have decided that you want to move your bookcase, initiate the process of emptying the same. Remove all your books from the case and sort them out. Categorize your collection, and see if you have something that you can discard. This is the best time to gift the books that you have already read to your friends and family, they will feel happy about it and you can get rid of the bulky books. You can also donate the same in some library or NGO.

• Pack the books with paper that you have chosen to take along, it will help you to take your books safely to the new place. If you have placed any other decorative item of the bookcase, remove the same and pack them too.

• If your bookcase is bulky, then see if it can be disassembled. If yes, then it is the best way to transport bulky furniture without damaging the same. In case your bookcase has any glass shelf or door, dismantle them first using a screwdriver. If you are not confident about the same you can always take help from the moving company that you have hired. After removing carefully pack those glass doors with bubble wrap and then with cardboard to ensure that no damage takes place. Dismantle every part very carefully, also make sure to keep all the screws and parts of a bookcase at some safe place, otherwise, it will become difficult for you to assemble the same at your new home.

In case, a bookcase cannot be dismantled, then you have no choice but to hire additional manpower to move the same. Usually, Moving Company New York has different types of equipment to move the bulky furniture but for that, you need to inform them well in advance. So, if you are a proud book owner, you must hire the professionals and ask for their help.

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