Tips of social listening

Social listening is a vital cog in the wheel as part of your marketing efforts. If this is not part of your marketing strategy significant blind spots are developed. Real people discuss about you and your industry and ideally you want to be listening to them! Simply if you care for your customers you can obtain valuable insights about customer behaviour.

Let us explore tips about social listening telecom

Understand where people are talking about you, not merely what they say

Your reach should not be limited to a couple of networks. Be part of a wide social listening campaign. You could find that the conversation about your brand may be different in various social media channels. For example people could be talking about you a lot on Twitter, but on Facebook it could be nothing.

You need to understand where people are talking about you and even your industry, how conversations pan across industries. A clear strategy can be formulated to be part of the conversation by paid advertisement and organic engagement.

Figure out where the competition is heading towards

No need to copy the strategy of someone else. You can gain valuable insights about what works and listen closely to what people have to say about you particularly among your competitors.

It is less painful to learn from a mistake that a competitor does, rather than being part of the mistake yourself. Learn what a winning formula for your competitor is but follow their grey areas.

Coordination with other teams

Social listening efforts will present a lot of information likely to be shared across teams. Suppose post of a customer might need a response straight away. For a blog post it could be a great idea or it can be idea about a new product or even a new feature.

Content marketing, customer service or product development teams are going to benefit from what you learn. Seek ideas from other teams. By tweaking your social listening set up you could answer specific questions.

Observe the changes

Once you collect social information, normal conversation seeps in with sentiment levels about your brand.

Observe the changes taking place. Major changes in sentiment or engagement means overall perception of your brand has undergone a change. A concise idea is to be formulated so that an effective strategy is to be developed. A wave of positivity or to correct a misstep to be back on track is the key.

Learn what the data has to tell you

If you are merely engaged in social media monitoring and do not take any action or even social listening. Social listening does not relate to mere metrics, as it points to what customers want to hear from you.  This also means how you can quickly address those needs.

The trends and patterns have to be analysed over a period of time, not merely relying on individual comments. Such overall insights can go a long way in formulation of future strategy of telecom in media monitoring.

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