The beauty of the bow ties

How can, at the end of 2018, the craft continue to exert a timeless appeal, despite the advent of 3D robots and printers?

The answer can be perfectly summed up in Andrea Granelli’s phrase “Being a craftsman is a way of interpreting life, craftsmanship is the pleasure of doing something unique and that pleases its customers, which in the end looks in the face. A completely human pleasure “. This is precisely the key: humanity and passion.

In a world where everything is now automated, the search for something original, built with effort and dedication, is increasingly perceived as an added value, as an element of differentiation, especially in a country like ours, cradle of art and beauty.

However, it is necessary to guarantee these small companies to keep up with the times, to have a wide and international showcase in which to exhibit their creations: therefore E-talian, an e-commerce of made in Italy accessories, is born.

Bow ties, bracelets, hats, bags … the product range is constantly expanding and the goal is to give voice to all our artisans, digitizing our shops, bringing innovation to the places cradle of tradition.

Combining the tools and technological knowledge with the manual skills and artistic nature of our artisans is E-talian’s vision.

Our suppliers are artists who create unique products that are difficult to find on the market, while our customers love special and refined accessories, very sensitive to details and to the history of the product.

It is certainly an ambitious challenge, but if this fusion between craftsmanship and technology were successful, between tradition and innovation we could write another page of the Bel Paese craftsmanship, giving our small contribution to maintaining this immortality.



Bow ties for men are our spearhead: we go from ceramics to resin, from wood to fabric, without obviously neglecting the common thread that links them: craftsmanship, high quality and uniqueness.The companies from which we buy the bow ties have been carefully selected, after having followed closely the whole process of manufacturing and designing the bow tie, from the first forms to the finished product.

The observation of these processes has allowed us in the first place to select the suppliers but also to understand the modus operandi of the Italian artisans, capturing particularities and original techniques.For the ceramic bow ties we supply from Bowart and Potteryllon, two brands of the South, young and smart, founded by craftsmen under 35 who combine tradition with today’s style.

Even in our resin and wood bow ties, where we source respectively from Resinart Design, a young Florentine brand, and again from Bowart, tradition is combined with novelty and originality, creating really interesting and particular play of colors / shapes.The most popular colors are certainly black, blue and red, followed by white, but we have a variety of really assorted colors.

We have bow ties of all colors and various shades; the wooden bow ties, the resin bow ties…

We suggest, since we are near the summer, the yellow: in fact the bow-ties of this color are having a huge success and it is the most sold color of this last month.

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