The attributes of a great illustration

The art of illustration has two primary purposes. Firstly, it speaks to you, and it speaks volumes. The illustration is usually used to tell a story or convey a message or to deliver some information. In essence, illustration is used for visual communication of the associated text. Secondly, illustration is quite useful in presenting the subject and character in an interesting and highly engaging manner.

The illustration is a widely-adopted profession and one of the most preferred art form.  Making a great illustration is all about knowing the purpose and reason behind it while maintaining its realness and pragmatism. Let’s take a detailed look at these crucial attributes of a great illustrative artwork:

  • Reason:

Every brush stroke, every mark made on a canvas or a paper goes through numerous levels to create a masterpiece. It all starts with the initial idea sketch and roughly drafted drawing. These drafts can be in the form of a sketch or a doodle or even handwritten notes.  At this stage, your idea is nothing more a rough drawing. However, it is the most crucial phase of all because, from this stage, your idea can cease to evolve and improve, or it can be converted into a masterpiece. A great illustration has a purpose attached to it, which is the reason for its existence. Whether you hire a cheap illustrator for children’s book or a graphic designer, make sure that your illustration is purposeful

  • Realness:

The realness of an illustration is all about how closely it is linked and related to the targeted audience and viewers. Easy said than done, giving a voice to your illustration is probably one of the most daunting aspects of illustrating. Since an artist is never really sure about what might grab the attention of the audience or hit the right chord of the viewers. Realness is all about integrating values and qualities that might turn a viewer into an appreciator.

Your inspiration can come from a movie dialogue or a music video or anything at all. It might not be of any value to anyone, but that time, it might be the only source inspiration for you. The best part of realness in the illustration is that it’s all about your artistic taste, which is subjective in nature.

  • Realism:

There’s no denying that art has a power of evoking emotions and inspiring creativity and imaginative thoughts. Illustration has to have a practical and genuine reason for its existence. Where art is regarded as a luxury, illustration is a medium that divulges and allows the artist to express his real self and cluttered creative thoughts through smooth brush strokes and pencil sketches.

  • Experiment:

Where realism brings meaning to the illustrative artwork, experimenting with different styles and methods allows you to enhance the innate qualities of your work. The illustration is all about trying out newer and innovative techniques to amplify your artistic brilliance and polish your illustration skills.

When it comes to illustration, expressing yourself is the best approach to accomplish a masterpiece. Whether it requires the breaking of the rules or mastering of different tools and techniques, illustration is not just an oeuvre with amazing brush strokes; rather, it’s an expressive masterpiece of the artist.


The definition of a good illustration varies with the artist, where most artists go for cleaner brush strokes; some of them might prefer visual expression over the cleaner look. Illustrations have value beyond the mere visual representation of the text.


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