Ten haunted places in the usa could visit in 2019

There’s an existence of both good and evil in this world. No one could deny this fact. Where ever you are living right now, the fact stays put that what you’re looking for, good or bad, is looking for, as well. A country like the US has a great history with haunted places. These ten haunted places in the US, are only here to prove this.

  1.    The Masonic Temple, Detroit

Popular for being a haven to the world’s most magnificent Masonic temple- little do the tourists know until they reach the spot that the temple is itself haunted by its architect- George D. Mason. Mason went bankrupt after the construction of the temple. And, it is presumed that he committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the 16-storeyed temple.

  1.    Poinsett Bridge, South Carolina

Known to be one of the oldest bridges in South California, Poinsett Bridge is the most haunted places in America. The bridge is haunted by two spirits who got killed in a car accident.                                                            

  1.    San Fernando Cathedral, Texas

If ever you visit this place, make sure you have said your prayers seriously and sincerely. Legend has it that at the time of the church’s renovation in 1936, three Alamo soldiers’ remnants were discovered in the form of bones, nails, and torn uniform.

  1.    Dock street theatre, South Carolina

Dock street theatre takes pride in being ‘fireproof’ since the theatre has been tested in fire. It was initially built a theatre that later got turned into a hotel. Again, it was transformed into a theatre in 1930. A call girl named Nettie Dickerson died getting struck by lightning on the second floor’s balcony of the hotel. Locals claim that they have seen her spirit in a red gown at the same spot where she died.

  1.    The moon river Brewery, Georgia

River brewery is one of the ancient buildings in Savannah. The building used to be a hotel once. The American Institute of paranormal psychology referred to it as one of the most haunted cities in the US. The hotel suffered a horrific fate by the guests who declined to leave the hotel. Several lost their lives in that hostility. When the hotel transformed into a brewery, numerous customers have seen beer bottles flying past the bar, many guests have been slapped and tripped without being drunk. This hotel first caught attention when a lady was pushed by an unknown entity from the third floor staircase.

  1.    Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

The history claims that the farm is an abode to spirits of 12 people who were murdered here. The backdrop goes- a former master cut off the ears of a slave, named Chloe. She killed her two daughters by poisoning their cake. She hung herself in that very house and has been haunting the and ever since.

  1.    Mizpah Hotel, Nevada

Hearing whispers are a common thing in the famous Mizpah Hotel that is allegedly haunted by a ‘Red Lady.’ Many years ago, a woman died on the 5th floor, and now haunting the hotel. Many have heard her whispering. Men, specifically have discovered pearls on the pillows in their hotel room.

  1.    Gettysburg battlefield, Pennsylvania

It is claimed that souls of the soldiers who haven’t been appropriately buried enough, haunts the Gettysburg battlefield. More than 50,000 young soldiers died a gruesome death in just three days.                                                     

  1.    RMS Queen Mary, California

Legends have it that a soldier was smashed by the door of the engine room and died instantly. The Queen Mary ship is known to have been haunted by his spirit, and his presence could be sensed profoundly by many guests. The engine room-where the soldier died- known as the hotbed of paranormal activities.                                               

  1.     Calcasieu courthouse, Louisiana

A spirit of a call girl named Toni Jo Henry murdered in the late 1940s. She was sentenced to death here at the Calcasieu Courthouse. She was executed in an electric chair. Allegedly she was burnt while being electrocuted, and the horror of her death remained.


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