Spray foam vancouver and its variety of services

Westcor Thermal is one of the most trusted and respected insulation companies that are there to resolve all the insulation work and other related works of the city. That is the reason the customers need to make the right kind of choices to select the right contractor for doing various kinds of insulation works. This company has been serving for more than 15 years the city along with in places nearby the city. The staff of the Sprayfoam Vancouver company are leaders in the industry and run the business by an ideal way to satisfy each and every customer of theirs.

Specialization in various aspects

The services of the insulation company specialize in various aspects like that of :

  • Fireproofing: The company provides a wide range of fire proofing insulation like mineral fiber spray, wet mix plaster and many others.
  • Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation is ideal for a wide range of surfaces as well as for tight spaces which are too difficult to insulate.
  • Acoustic Application: It is a spray-applied glass fiber that is based upon the insulation to absorb sound.
  • Spray foam and: The Spray foam Insulation Vancouver is a spray polyurethane foam that provides both insulation as well as air vapour barriers that makes it a superior insulation product.
  • Fire stopping: The team always reviews the types and quantity of penetration in the building and installs a suitable fire stopping application in order to prevent the outbreak of fire.

Safety precautions

The workers at Westcor Thermal always make it a point that they maintain the highest amount of safety precaution throughout their operational work and project. By providing utmost safety they make sure that the customers are getting high satisfaction as well by their work. The team of workers are highly trained and they also have the experience in handling the safety measures. The Spray foam Insulation Vancouver thus, is the most trusted name that can be used for resolving various tasks of household and commercial buildings.

Types and use of sprays

The company Westcor Thermal installs both commercial and residential spray foam throughout the western province of the country. They typically use Sprayfoam insulation that is also known as the polyurethane foam. This is an eco-friendly insulation that use less energy than the fiberglass during the manufacturing. It is used to reduce the energy consumption. This technology is also used to promote environmental responsibility. Thus, the Spray foam Vancouver can be used for new and existing structures by the method of retrofit application.

Price and flexibility

The price of the services that are provided by the Westcor Thermal are at a pocket-friendly rate or it can also get covered by the house insurance. This is to say that no service of the Westcor Thermal is forbidden for the general public to use. The services can be taken by everyone depending on their various needs. It is also to be noted here that the company has branches spread all over the west coast of the country and can be easily available to many people. This being said, all the services can also be availed by anyone who is in need.

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