Smart tips for buying vastu compliant home

Vastu is one of the crucial things that people look at before purchasing a housing property. It is believed that living in a Vastu-compliant home is necessary for the overall prosperity and wellness of its occupants. Modern housing projects such as Raunak Unnathi Woods in Thane are constructed according to the Vastu guidelines and are hence, a prudent option for homebuyers in Mumbai.

Thane is becoming one of the most sought places for educated professionals after Mumbai in Maharashtra. Unnathi Woods is tailor-made to attract those people desiring calm and tranquil surroundings located slightly away from the main city.

In case you’re planning to buy a new home for you and your family, here are a few smart tips to check its Vastu:

Plot direction should be in the East

Most Vastu experts believe that the direction of the plot should be given the utmost importance and only east and north facing plots are considered appropriate for the construction of residential properties. It is believed that east-facing plots bring peace, prosperity, and good health for the people living on it.

The square and rectangular shape of the plot is preferable

Vastu experts opine that the plot must squarely face the four cardinal directions and house should be constructed ideally with the length and breadth ratio of either 1:1 or 1:1.5. Home buyers must avoid irregular, oval and circular plots. Square shaped plots are considered the best followed by rectangular shaped plots by most Vastu experts.

Colors should be chosen carefully

Since colors impact the human mind, it is necessary to have the right colors for homes. Dark colors are known to radiate negative energy while light colors are believed to impart positive energy radiations. The entrance of any building must have bright colors to comply with Vastu rules.

Placement of objects is very important

The placement of objects is very important and many Vastu experts opine that the bed should preferably be kept in the south-west direction of the bedroom. Study table should be placed facing the north direction while the dining table should always be placed in the north-west part of the dining room.

Location of washrooms, kitchen, and living rooms

Since north-east part of the building welcomes the morning sun, it’s good to have your living room situated in that direction. South-east corner of the house is the ideal place for a kitchen. Toilets and bathrooms in each room must be built in the south-west direction to prevent air contamination in the house.

In case you’re searching for a Vastu-compliant residential property in Thane, you can take the help of various online websites to search and compare different options.

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