Smart low investment marketing strategies for pre school franchise

Setting and starting a new business always includes various challenges which need to be faced strongly to sustain in today’s competitive world. You should always remain embraced with correct information and act in an organized manner. Hence, a lot of people prefer to invest in already well-established businesses rather than start a new one. In education sector also, the same principle applies. People are widely purchasing preschool franchises of reputed schools to start a new business. While looking for a the best preschool franchise in India, there are few things which need to be considered to ensure smooth running of the business and to get more enrolments every year. These factors include admission fees, teaching quality, brand reputation, location, transportation facilities, qualification of staffs, etc. Parents normally consider all these as key parameters for selecting a pre-school for their child.

If you are planning to buy a pre-school franchise, here are some low investment marketing strategies to help your business reach heights:

Position your school

This is the most effective marketing strategy you can employ to increase the number of enrolments. For this, you can tie up with external schools that are well-reputed and convince parents that if they get their child admitted to your pre-school,they will get direct admission tothe partner high school. With this concept, more parents will approach you as they can rest assured that their children will be getting admission in good schools later on.

Appoint qualified staffs

Parents opt for pre-schools only to ensure that their children learn good things and get disciplined. They mostly look for schools which have responsive, caring, and well-qualified teachers. Besides this, you need to employ amicable teachers and caregivers who understand their duties properly.Do a thorough background check of each and every person before appointing them. If parents are satisfied with the care that their children get in the school, nothing can stop your business from growing. With this, you can ensure a strong foundation of your pre-school franchise.

Pre-school website

If your pre-school franchise does not have an official website, create it right now. Online presence is very important nowadays as people mostly look for information online by doing Google search. And if you are not present online, then people will not be able to find you. Along with this, you should also use SEO services to ensure your presence online.

Family referrals:

Word of mouth is the most important tool which can be used for increasing enrolment in your school.

Most of the parents discuss their child’s performance among their relatives. You can ask parents of already enrolled students to refer your pre-schools to other parents. In addition to this, you ask your own family members, friends, and relatives to popularize your school through word of mouth.


You should always try to put efforts to make your pre-school look outstanding and ahead of all the competitors. You can look for low budget creative ways to make your pre-school look refreshing so that it can make the children feel energetic.

Social media and traditional advertisements

You can make use of social media to promote your pre-school franchise. You can create a Facebook page or a WhatsApp group, and post regularly about the school activities. Other than this, you can use some traditional advertisement tools such as product brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.

These are some of the cost-effective strategies which one can utilize to promote their pre-school franchise. Since there are many best preschool franchise in India, investors will have a lot of options to choose from without stepping over their set budget.

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