San francisco is voting for a ban of tobacco sales barring vaping

One will not be startled on seeing that “Tobacco Smoking” is referred to as the bad element for the overall health of the people. There have been multiple forms of campaigns being run, but with all these efforts still, this has been the cause of multiple breathable diseases occurring in a human being. 

Well, seeing a lot of bad effect of “Tobacco” the birth of E-Cigarettes took place. This “pave the way” for people willing to quit the practice of smoking natural cigarettes. In the course of time, the participation of social media was very much evident and they spoke a lot about E-Cigarettes not helping the fight against quitting “Traditional Smoking”. No wonder, the people, in general, started developing doubts about it. Irrespective of the fact, that several attempts have been made about differentiating natural smoking to vaping, still the majority of people measure both on the same weighing scale.

Introduction Of a Good Move

A move of the leaders of Beverly Hills was appreciated a lot by the concerned experts on how; vaping had voiced their opinion to put a Legal Notice on the sale of the “Tobacco Products”.  This was big news for the Vaper’s, as it meant that a fundamental line of difference was being laid out. It meant that a division was made between the two products.  The critics are not leaving any stone unturned in making sure that “Vaping” is also a part of the ban. Now, the teens will be protected and a close watch is possible over their health. As earlier on due to the addition of flavouring agents even they were getting  used to it and had kick-started vaping. On the other side, the advocates of Vaping are considering this as a boost for the overall sale of Vaping Devices. 

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Legal Principle –

If one would talk about a ban to be imposed on the “Tobacco Products”, then it would be laughed upon by several people. Transformation of this idea was only possible due to the intervention of the “Beverly Hills City Council” and the restriction on the sale of “Tobacco Cigarette” was possible. The reason about making this move a success is that a ban is not acting as a shroud over “Vaping”. The activeness of the members of Beverly Hills has always been known as a working force on to make a “Tobacco Ban” a success. This continuous form of hard work has made them the recipient of A-rated form of certification from the “American Lung Association”.  This final move has really been the reason for making them a unique force.

There is a tug-of-war between the two groups in making sure that a move of banning “Tobacco Products” is not appropriate. The simple reason for this is that, the makers of cigarettes say that a Law of this nature will force not just the stores dealing into Tobacco Products, but will also create a road-block in the lives of the people depending on the sale of these products. Plus, the emphasis is also put on the fact that, if ban is imposed then also purchasing of the cigarettes will not be effected. 

Second group of people in favour of vaping have said that “Vaping Devices” can’t be equated with the traditional ones. Having said this, the Beverly Hills will be the first city to put a stay order on the sale of “Tobacco Product”.    

Reason for Supporting Vaping

The reports claiming a lesser degree of harm caused through “Vaping” is becoming the major reason for its popularity.  If we retreat back in time then the first report was prepared by Public Health England and it said that Vaping was far safer than “continuously smoking Natural Cigarette”.  Even the research paper submitted by Roswell Park Cancer Institute also mentioned that harmful effect was almost 93% lower in E-liquid in comparison to other “Tobacco Products”.  Adding on to this, a report published in the Journal of Aerosol Sciences highlighted that even the risk of life-threatening diseases are much higher through non-vaping devices or products.

If one keeps aside the beneficial points driven from the vaping devices, while mentioning bad elements, still there is a lot in favour of non-tobacco products. For example – the reports formulated by the University of Louisville carried out fair examination tools and methods for knowing the high chances of the one succeeding. Once the results were out, it was known that vaping is not only limited to delivering a quick aid but is also the best device that one has at the moment.  Having all these reports and findings, still, people are speculating on the effects of “Vaping Devices” on the teens.


Looking at this kind of growth, one is going to feel a lot encouraged and nice. First of all, one has to achieve a platform, from where complete banning of the “Tobacco Products” is possible. Developing public’s opinion about the Vaping Devices is one of the primary aspects that are to be executed for safeguarding our rights.  It is said that the larger the number of differences is understood by the concerned people, the higher is the number of chances that legislation like this is going to take place.     





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