Reasons you must hire a title ix defence attorney

When a college student faces a case of sexual assault, misconduct, harassment, or any other offensive action, they must consider hiring a title IX defense attorney to get help during the hearings. According to the Title IX law, schools and colleges that receive funds from the federal government must not discriminate against the individuals on the basis of sex. And every school must implement anti-discrimination policy. Furthermore, it also mandates the schools to investigate the case of sexual discrimination reported by the students and the members of the staff, and offer adequate remedies including the cases of sexual misconduct.

Appointing a coordinator

Every educational institution must appoint a coordinator of law under Title IX law for making the assessments for all the complaints filed in this regard and decide the steps to be taken. Apart from this, they must also talk to the victims for conducting investigation at the preliminary level. A defense lawyer can talk to the coordinator at the early stages and negotiate a positive result before the case goes up for trial. The school must also inform the person accused and warn them with dire consequences with a police complaint although the investigation of the school can take place without the intervention of the police.

False accusation for sexual assault

The investigation under Title IX is independent of the criminal investigation that may take place for a case of sexual misconduct, and the police might involve themselves in the case at a certain point, but the school does not have a liability to inform you when they become aware of the investigation. The first priority of the school is to protect the victim facing discrimination on the basis of sex. When a formal complaint is lodged against the accused, they must abstain from speaking themselves without the help of a sexual assault lawyer as you may not know what to avoid during communication with school or university. The following are some of the premises on which the complaint can be based.

  • Accusations of sexual harassment

  • Allegations of sexual harassment

  • Violence during dating or rape

  • Violating the no-contact orders

  • Allegations of sexual misconduct

For the accused, hiring a Title IX defense lawyer is the best way to understand how a case is going to operate at the university. Similarly, the defendant can also hire a stalking defense lawyer when faced with the charges of stalking.

Asking for legal help

The sexual assault and the allegations under Title IX taking place at the campus of schools, colleges, and universities are to be handled by people who are experienced in the field of law at the very start of the process. You may need a legal practitioner with experience in criminal, civil, and administrative law. The following is the kind of help you can get from the lawyers.

  • Tells you how to exert the rights in Title IX cases and proves your innocence through proper evidence.

  • Advocates and negotiates the case on your behalf.

  • Collecting the responses and organising the evidence for paper hearings.

  • Preparing the victims for testimony inside the closed doors.

  • Helps you through strategic consultations and provides valuable support to make you more confident for the hearings.

  • Evaluating the evidence independently.

  • Ensures that the educational institution abides by the laws and stay consistent within the rules.

Hearing procedures

It is true that there are no standardised procedures of hearing as one side of the evidence is likely to gain more weight, and explain what happened even if it is by one percent, and it is termed as the lowest standard of legal proof. Some colleges often fail to conduct full and fair hearings, but the lawyers for the plaintiff and the defendant can advocate the rights of their clients properly for the case to reach a resolution.

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