Read this before choosing a general practitioner

If you are feeling unwell due to any reason, you should first meet a general physician in Noida. He is the most important healthcare professional whom you come across first. But how do you find one or what things you need to consider first? Here are a few answers:

Should be in a Nearby Location:

When you are healthy, you can drive long distances to meet a doctor. But things are different when you are not healthy. In such situations, you hardly have the courage to get out of the bed, let alone drive the car.

Thus location matters because of convenience and you will surely not want to compromise on that front.  When you are ill, you don’t want to travel far especially if you need to see the doctor frequently.

Check the Specialization:

If you are visiting a doctor for the first time, you should first understand between family medicine and internal medicine. A general practitioner cares for patients of all ages.  Internal medicine specialists often are specialists and see patients above the age of 18yrs.

Family practitioners have to focus on the prevention of disease but the specialist can handle the issue better if you know the challenge beforehand.

Availability of the Doctor:

You want to make the most of the meeting with your doctor but you will surely not wait for months to let that happen. You need to check the availability of the doctor beforehand.

Convenience has a great role to play here as well. If you have to meet the doctor regularly, you need to make sure that he is located nearby and is available as and when you need his services.

Most patients prefer a doctor whom they can meet the same day after taking the appointment. Thus it is best to see a general physician who knows you and can help you in any emergency.

Easy to Interact With:

When you are going to meet the doctor, you are already in health trouble. In such situations, the doctor should be interactive and must listen to you patiently.

Even if it involves disclosing personal and private information, you must be comfortable in that. Bear in mind, if you are unable to discuss the problems that you are facing due to any hesitation, you will not be able to describe your situation well and it may affect the medication and prescription as well.

If you are going to meet a specialist, who is already short of time, you should be ready for some hastiness in the meeting which may or may not be true. However, if you are going to meet a primary care doctor, you should choose one whom you are comfortable with.

Gender Preference:

Females who are pregnant or have to discuss an issue related to it would surely prefer a female obstetrician. Similarly, if you want to discuss anything privately, you might prefer to meet a female doctor.


With so many general physicians in Noida, whom should you reach out to? Consider the factors like age, experience, and gender to reach out to the most suitable one.

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