Quality custom archive boxes for documents storage

Archive boxes are very demanding, used in offices, carrying invoices, documentation, etc. like in your store or offices keeping the past accounts, making them safe & sound. While keeping them in the storage or transferring that important office material and documentation to other brands or to any other place, you need a quality hard archive boxes.

Provide complete protection- solid & rigid!

The boxes provided by companies are of high quality, they are made in the proper guidance of company as the RSF packaging is the packaging boxes manufacturing company and leads in the manufacturing of many industry packaging products. We guarantee the high quality of archive boxes, they are enough solid and rigid & can bear any pressure. Like the pressure during loading and unloading of them, transporting them too far of placing, shipping them, etc.

The texture of archive boxes is hard enough provide proper strength and complete protection, prevent the inner document from any kind of damage like preventing moisture thus the inner papers or things not get wet, folded and damaged, etc.

Any shape & size

Archive boxes are normally offering online of specific size and same cardboard material. Like normally archive boxes are available for A4 size documentation and some other specific sizes. Our company provides a specific quality achieve boxes which include the custom size of boxes. You can get any size of archive boxes as per your need and demand.

As the company provides custom archive boxes, you can also get any shape and design of boxes. The archive boxes provide by us is in a variety of sizes with the lid to carry them easily. For delivery of any documents, containing the office or household bills etc, these boxes provide ultimate protection to your innings.

Strength boxes to carry weights

Normally archive boxes can carry 40-50 pounds of weights in them, but it all depends on their quality and type of material they are made of. Sometimes the material is good but they get broke due to faulty cheap fixation. Our expert manufacturers take notice of every single detail and provide a complete high strength custom archive boxes which can carry weights easily without getting broken.

Depending on the size and width, the maximum weight assigns by our manufacturing experts. So no need to consider that the weight of your things will cause any problem later!

Archive boxes on wholesale

The company involves in large scale manufacturing and conducting business with many industries and manufacturing their special customize boxes, accordingly. They provide archive boxes on wholesale on best low rates. You will get quality boxes on the minimum wholesale rate. Our experts make sure any box in the lot is the same as the sample one, no quality, printing or any other faults, etc.

Quality printing- custom printing!

You can also have printing on the archive boxes- like for office boxes; you can print your company name, logo, or any other additional details, etc. We provide quality blank and white or colorful both printing, as you want. Any information can add according to your specifications.

Other quality services!

Aside from manufacturing the archive boxes, our company provides you

  • Free design support- if you want any new design, like change the carrying lid design, box design etc. The company has technically qualified expert staff to provide you guidance properly. There will be no extra charging on any additional service regarding the design of boxes.
  • Free shipment- too many countries like Canada, Australia and many other there are no shipping charges on wholesale boxes. You can check the company site or call us to get any discount offer regarding your geographical area.
  • Affordable best Rates- the company provide the best rates on online boxes. The boxes are very cheaper when it comes to wholesale buying.
  • Technical staff & manufacturing- the company has specified management team and manufacturing team, who is in your service to provide you high service excellence, reduce your risk on faulting product online buying. If there is any query asks our staff, they will provide you the proper solution to it, according to your benefit. And from the side of manufacturing, you are free not to worry about; manufacturing is done by the best machines and under the supervision of qualified staff appointed.

Hope you will find the quality service provided by the company unmatchable with those competitors!

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