Pros cons cloud vps hosting vs managed wordpress hosting service 2019

There is still going on the debate in the year 2019 that WordPress is one of the largest CMS (Content Management System) networks that can make the website hosting an easy task. And I stand in favor of the state. You must be wondering that why WordPress hosting is a popular platform. WordPress is a web app that you’ll use by installing on a “web server.” It’s further worth knowing that WordPress web hosting service and web hosting are nearly the same. Both give you access to a server that can serve a website, both leave a lot of responsibility in your hands, and either something sold as “web hosting” or “WordPress hosts” will run WordPress.

With the advantages of website hosting, there are many significant differences between the two popular used hosting types. These are- Cloud VPS Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting service!

In this blog, we will try to understand the difference between and two types.

Cloud VPS hosting

Cloud VPS hosting is all about the connection of the dedicated servers to the virtual machines. Also, VPS is an alternative affordable hosting solution for businesses that have outgrown the shared server. VPS is considered as the virtual servers in the parallel connection to the supply. VPS clients get similar features that a dedicated server customer gets. Cloud VPS is very much different from traditional hosting platforms.

Cloud VPS is one of the cost-effective options for creating interactive websites. You can choose the services you want and will pay only for them. This is different from the regular hosting where you pay a fixed fee for the plans offered by the host.

Cloud VPS allows you to counter the requirements at any given time to meet the demand of the server’s interface to speed. You can increase or reduce your resources based on your business growth.

Managed WordPress Hosting service

Due to the popularity of WordPress, several web hosting providers have chosen to specialize in WordPress and offer what’s known as managed WordPress hosting service. Managed WordPress hosting service is a specially optimized version for WordPress. This was created to come up the server performance in terms of- speed, automatic updates, robust security, experts support, as well as a high price. It’s just taking care of the technical prospects to create quality content matching the marketing requirements. One should always remember that managed WordPress hosting is only an advanced WordPress hosting, but it is essentially a shared web hosting service, take a piece of the shared server’s disk, bandwidth, CPU, etc. with other users. With the connection of the servers in parallel front, it’s all about to match with the traditional shared server hosting, take resources including web space, data transfer, CPU power, and other essential supplies from a shared server.

Let’s counter the real part to see what is the advantage and disadvantage of Cloud VPS & Managed WordPress hosting.

  1. Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance are the core area of the website hosting anomalies. If your website is on Managed WordPress, you will be on the shared server’s interference. This will help in the site hosting on the same machine, using the same IP address. With the different platforms of hosting, your server’s connections can be improved with the best response time. There will be fewer fluctuations.

If your website host is on Cloud VPS, there is surety to clean Linux OS of your choice. Most often, there will be no cPanel or any tool to help you set up your website easy, and you will need to learn how to configure and manage the server. But what you have is the services that have a fantastic connection with the virtual machines, continually improving the server-software performance.

  1. Security & Customization

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you don’t have to ponder for the reasons of security of the server connections. In such cases, the expert’s teams build a powerful network to make needful efforts to secure managed emails, file transfers, and even the free SSL certification. The best option is to encrypt the data on the click of the button.

In the cloud VPS hosting, you are on your interface to security measures. With the private servers connections, it is easy to take your resources and security on the lighter side. As with Managed WordPress hosting, you are paying for support and managed time.

  1. Scalability

Scalability is always the top-notch performance figure, which helps you stand out in front of the audiences. In terms of Cloud VPS-there are many virtual machines connected that can be upgraded on the click of the button. So, it is easy to go to the next level with the upgrades of CPU, RAM, and Capacity.

Upgradration to the new packages is not as easy in Managed WordPress server. Sometime, it will take a few days to transfer to a different server with higher capacity

In case of the managed WordPress hosting, due to the system low performance, transfer of files from the server’s lags behind most of the time.

Wrapping Up

So on top of this, both Cloud VPS and Managed WordPress hosting do have their up to date pros and cons as per the changing digital landscapes. Cloud VPS is faster, but you need expert help in setting and managing the server so “Expert Help” is expensive while Managed Server is secure for you to get with the new connections of servers!

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