Preventive measures for pain relief during pregnancy without medication

Pain, swelling, cramps, uneasiness are few of the symptoms that women experience all through their pregnancy period. While these are the most common symptoms for mothers to feel as the body goes through many changes and the baby goes inside the womb, but these are not necessarily things to overlook. Pain deserves attention during pregnancy. It is for the overall health of the mother and the baby to address the pain. While we would suggest here some preventive measures that relive pain during pregnancy, but if discomfort continues, you should consider pain relief medication during pregnancy advised by the doctor.

 Include physical routine

Incorporate a daily and physical activity routine during pregnany. Pregnancy yoga, walking, Pilates, swimming and aerobic exercises are few of the methods to stay active. A daily exercise routine is beneficial in many ways. while we are here to discuss only how they significantly contribute in lessening pain, issues like heartaches, headaches, digestive issues, improved blood circulation, staying fit are only to name a few of the discomfort that stays away for regular exercising.

Good posture for back pain relief

As baby grows inside the womb, the backbone starts taking all the weight. Back pain starts from hereafter among pregnant women. The centre of gravity shifts forward. The body then lean backward to prevent from falling. This activity becomes part of the pregnant women and they do it without paying much attention to the after effects. A couple of good postures however can help in reducing the pain. Postures like standing straight, sitting with a support at the back, keeping the shoulders relaxed are a few of those. Keeping your feet on a low stool while sitting also help relaxing.


Wearing low heeled, but not so flat shoes and sandals help reducing back pain during pregnancy. While pregnant, shoes work as a good support and help hold the body weight at the advanced stage of pregnancy. One can consider wearing maternity belt. While there are no such evidences that these belts provide the best support, some women feel additional support by wearing those.


Sleeping on the back triggers back pain even worse. So if you want to consume less back pain medication during pregnancy, here are some sleeping tips. Always sleep sideways and never on your back. Provide good support on the back and on the knees while sleeping. A pillow between the legs and by the side of the belly also helps relaxing and reducing pain.


Avoiding pain triggers like certain smell, or sound or going out in the sun to void headache during pregnancy. A headache is uncomfortable and if migraine triggers, medication is the only remedy. Managing stress is a good way to keep pains at bay. Simultaneously, healthy diet and increasing fluid intake keep bodily functions like muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure normal, hence reducing the pain.

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