Pregnancy changes are boon for a lady

For a lady, pregnancy is the time which is the most important period of her life and hence it becomes a boon for her. But along with happiness it is critical phase hence care is required especially for the first time mother. They undergo body changes during pregnancy, therefore, proper care for both mother and the child is required and one should always be in touch with the doctor and take their consultant before taking any major step. Proper, guidance care and love will make this time more beautiful. Here we will be going to discuss some changes which generally occur in all pregnant women’s body. It will be an interesting topic if you are going under this phase.

List of some those changes are as follows:

  1. Extension of mammary glands

Yes, one will feel extension or increasing your mammary glands and the tenderness will decrease as the time passes. It is because of the enlarging mammary glands and the fat deposition. The skin colour around the nipples will start darkening and yellow liquid known as colostrum will begin to leak.

  1. How to prevent the stretch marks

Some area will get some stretch marks due to the enlargement of body organs and this happens because of the elastic fibres under the skin starts tearing but it is not supposed to be on the body of every pregnant woman but they are common. The only way to prevent them is to manage your weight and the consultation of the doctor. Remember never use any kind of product to reduce them without discussing and prescribing by the doctor as it may harm your body or the Infant.

  1. Change in the skin

The body changes during pregnancy may affect the women but the changes will vary from one lady to another some get dry itchy skin, some may become sun-sensitive and some may get stretch marks or marks of pregnancy and many more.

  1. Changes during the first trimester

One may feel some leg pain or cramps while sleeping this is because of the pressure because of the growth of the baby which structures or compresses the nerves.

  1. Swelling of body parts

You may feel puffiness that is some swelling will occur on different parts of the body as the body is attaining more liquid or fluid for the infant.

  1. Pain in the stomach

Stomach pain is the most common change that may occur in almost every woman due to the stretching of the uterus. This pain can cause cramps.

  1. Hormonal misbalance

Pregnancy hormones affect different other parts or hormones and bones of the body and hence the teeth will start detaching from the gums due to swelling or bleeding. You must visit a dentist to resolve this problem as this can be periodontal disease.

What to do to relieve the body changes during pregnancy

  • Take good sleep

It is the best option to relax your body as at that time you need more sleep then what you normally take. Your organs and body need relaxation to cope up with the changes.

  • Healthy food

One must take healthy food after concerning doctors and your elders. Yes, you need to eat in more quantity but it doesn’t mean that you can eat anything as many of the products can harm your body and that of an infant too. So, a healthy balanced diet is a must.

  • Exercise daily

This will help to relax your organs and give space to nerves to open up freely but the exercise must be done in a proper manner and under guidance as the wrong position may lead to miscarriage.

Hence, as we have discussed that body changes during pregnancy and these are very fruitful changes if we take care of them a little bit and hence the experience will become more fascinating for both the parents and for the family.

Enjoy this phase with little care and a lot of happiness!!

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