Payment solution for ecommerce mcommerce and bcommerce

Nowadays cash in hand seems to be an old model of payment. We are living in a digital space, where everything people try to digitize it. Businesses are moving from offline stores and market to online stores and markets. Consumers are moving as well from visiting the store to buy their need to order them online. Our lives depend on the internet and digital gates now than ever.

Because of consumer behavior change, brands are forced to find a proper solution for their consumers. For example, people prefer to buy their supplies online, and brands are forced to develop ecommerce websites to enable consumers to buy. Fintech companies are required to find a payment solution for people to transact online. Also, retailers have to allow their customers to pay online with whichever method they prefer.

We understand that you also want to give your customer multiple payment solutions. As a Fintech company, our job is to find a perfect and proper financial service solution for our clients. We built an online payment solution for E-commerce, M-commerce and Bcommerce. JengaAPI is an application program interface that will change your business direction. The apis developed with unique and powerful features to accept any payment methods around the world. JengaAPI accepts payments from Cards, Digital Wallets, Mobile Money and Bank transfer. Today you will get the answer, why we call JengaAPI a payment solution for ecommerce, mCommerce and bCommerce?

JengaAPI as an eCommerce Solution

If you’re building an ecommerce website or mobile application development make sure you integrate JengaAPI as your payment solution. JengaAPI will enable your customers to pay directly online with cards like (Visa card and AMEX card), digital wallets (PayPal or WeChat Pay). Our ecommerce solution accepts payments from 180 countries all over the world. Your customer will enjoy the luxury of the secure online payment from JengaAPI.

JengaAPI as a mCommerce Solution

We all know big mobile money payment in Kenya and Africa in the sub-Saharan region. JengaAPI makes sure all your customers who prefer to use mobile money to pay they have a solution. JengaAPI accepts mobile money payments from M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, MTN, and Equitel. Customers, they will be able to pay you directly in your ecommerce website or Mobile Application.

JengaAPI as a bCommerce Solution

This method is appropriate for the business that involves transaction of a large amount of money. Through JengaAPI you will be able to receive your payments directly from a bank on a real-time. JengaAPI uses special modern bank rails and switches that offer real-time money transfers from bank accounts.

What differentiates JengaAPI with other APIs is not the ability to accept different payment methods, but also it’s simplicity on integrating it. JengaAPI designed to allow integration from multiple programming languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Php and Curl). JengaAPIs are pre-integrated into the financial, identity, credit and payment systems across Africa. Single integration of JengaAPI you will get an opportunity to do business in multiple African countries without visiting them. Wonder how you can integrate JengaAPI in your application? Click here to read our API documentation.

For an online business to prosper, you should guarantee one thing to your customers. Your customers want to be sure if they can trust you and your system. Security is the most important thing to consider before shifting your business online. People want to know how you will protect their data and money. We acknowledge this factor as well. That’s why JengaAPI is the most secure and reliable API you can find in Kenya. We built Fraud and AML systems to minimize and eliminate your risk exposure.

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