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Give people what they want, and they will reward you accordingly. To do business in this era, you need to be not only dynamic but also creative. Doing business is different nowadays. Technology is leading how we do business, how we communicated, how we transact, how we think and act.

Digital completely change consumer behavior. Doing business in the digital era brand needs to understand and cope with the behavioral change of their consumers and buyers. Brands need to change its customer service model according to what its customer want or expect. Most brands claim to have great customer service models, but they fail to deliver what is expected by their customers.

To succeed in this digital era, you need to have to come up with the Customer-Centric strategy for your brand. Customer-centric is a way of doing business with your customers in a way that provides positive customer experience before and after the sale. The method will help your business to create a repeating business from single customers, customer loyalty and profit.

Being a customer-centric brand, you need to understand that customer always comes first. Without the customer, you cannot succeed in business (which is true) and want to see the world through the customer’s eyes.

Jenga payment gateway is giving you the ability to give your customer what they want. We give you multiple payment options for your business. About 6% of customers abandoned their checkout because of payment methods. Jenga payment gateway will give your customers different payment options to pay for their products and service online.

Jenga is a payment gateway solution for online retailers. Our receive payment API will enable you to receive payments through Cards, Mobile Money, and Bank Account. Most of the people outside Africa they prefer eCommerce as payment method. With Jenga payment gateway your customers from anywhere they can use Visa cards, AMEX cards, Paypal, WeChat pay to pay you directly.

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Mobile payment (mCommerce) is at the pick in Africa. Give your African customers a broader way of pay you. Jenga payment gateway accepts mobile payment from M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, MTN, as well as Equitel. Jenga payment gateway will give your customers a secure and reliable way to pay.

Do you prefer bank transfer payment (bCommerce transfer)? Jenga payment gateway will enable your business to receive money directly from a bank account. We are using advanced bank rails and switches that offer real-time money transfer from bank accounts. Therefore with Jenga payment gateway payment from a bank is simple and on time.

Apart from all the benefits that you will get from Jenga payment gateway, our price is reasonable and affordable. Jenga payment gateway setup price is $50 for e-commerce (cards) together with $ 50monthly payment. Also, you will have to pay for SSL certificate setup price which is $ 60 annually. For mobile payment, setup price is $ 50, and the monthly fee is $50 as well.

Jenga payment gateway will have you back on;

Account support
Data migration
Third party integrations
Advanced fraud tools
Integration support
Interchange plus options

Jenga payment gateway is a secure and reliable way of online payment gateway in this era. You can integrate it in any application written on Javascript, Python, Ruby or Curl. With fast and customized checkout, you will never lose a customer again. Fraud is not a threat to you anymore, Jenga payment gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant that means nothing will harm you and your customers. Jenga payment gateway is the future and solution of your business online. Make your customer happy with Jenga payment gateway, and they will reward you accordingly.

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