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QuickBooks is a pillar of an online certification-free ProAdvisor program and provides the power to give accounting their expertise, and connect with new clients. Last year, more than 27,000 ProAdvisor were certified and connect shared how training and certification made their clients and practices enrich their confidence.

We know that your time is on premium, you want to learn how and when you learn, and that what’s new in QuickBooks Online, being at the top of it is a major priority. Read this post to know all about it or get connected to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor at toll-free QuickBooks support phone number to save your valuable time.

Redesigned ProAdvisor Tab

This change begins with a newly designed ProAdvisor tab in the QB Online Accountant. It provides easy access to ProAdvisor support, special discounts, QuickBooks Desktop software downloads (for Deluxe and Premium ProAdvisors) and other resources like your ProAdvisor benefits. From here, you can access the Modified Training and Certification tab to learn, get certified, and track your progress in one place. The new ProAdvisor tab looks similar to the QB Online accountant:

Improved Scenario-Based Learning Experience

You told us that you wanted more meaningful training to run even more confident by using QB Online. New authentication training was updated to be more ecologically and landscape-based for better learning, while you also got help in preparing for the certification exam. In the new recommended certification path, training for ProAdvisor also includes an alternative to the “Introduction to QB Online for Accountants” for courses that are new to QB Online, but also can work as a good refresher for basic information for more experienced ProAdvisors are there.

Simplified Recertification Process

We have made significant changes to our program designed to simplify the process to update your certification every year. Previously, QB Online Certified ProAdvisors had to take a full certification exam each year to maintain the certification status. Now, the process is very easy! QB Online Certified ProAdVisors only need to complete a small recurrence test focused on what has changed in QB Online after the pre-examination. And, to help you prepare for this recycling exam, an optional “What’s New” training is available. We believe that this new direct process will help you to keep current and confidence in product changes.

Common Annual Renewal Date for Recertification: July 31

New Recycling exam is now available and the deadline for the end of 31st July 2018 this normal renewal date makes it easy for everyone to remember and plan. All current QB Online certified ProAdvisor will have to complete the re-evaluation examination by this date to maintain their certification status.

We believe some ProAdvisors have recently completed certification and it can be difficult to re-certify before the full calendar year. But, since the launch of the present test in October 2016 a lot has changed in QB Online, and it is our intention that ProAdvisors feel confident by using customers on the latest product and enhancement. We hope that you will have the opportunity to update your skills and keep your certification current through July 31, 2019, It is a one-time adjustment for authentication requirements.

Expand Your Expertise With New Specialty Training

Finally, we have introduced special training to expand our expertise in the ecosystem of QuickBooks products and services. The first offer, QB Self-employed, will help you to serve Schedule C customers more effectively and efficiently. And, we have a very good specialty course for planning – so watch out!

Learning Opportunities

In addition to the self-training training module in the QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can learn and prepare for recycling with QB Online certification or free, live webinar. If you are preparing for a full certification or “What’s new in QuickBooks Online” to prepare for the re-evaluation exam, then the accountant to sign up for the “2018 QB Online Preparation Training Part 1 and 2” certification exam Go to university.

These are some of the big changes we hope you will love. 

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