Looking for quality food while being on the train

India Railway is the biggest railway system in Asia and the second biggest railway system in the world. It is not just the fastest but one of the safest mode connecting in various corner of the world. According to the survey, 70% approximately 6 billion of the population prefer railway as the mode of travelling. It’s not the safest mode but also pocket-friendly referring to all the classes.

Changes in Indian Railway

The 1st train was launched in 1853, and from there till now a lot of changes have been occurring not just technology-wise, but also through its various modification in seats, speed, hygiene and a lot more.

Out of all the biggest challenges, the prime one is to improve the hygiene and maintain a quality standard of food meeting the demand of the entire group. In the past, a lot of problems like diarrhoea, food poisoning, and stomach ache has been frequently observed by the passengers after having the food in train.

Hence with time, and after a lot of complaints the Indian Railway team finally decided to provide fresh and hot food through its pantry and installing various food stalls at various stations.

Overall the services were improved, but still, it did not match the expectation of many passengers.

The food at your seat

There are people who love to go on a long distance journey by train. For them, the availability of quality food is a big concern. However, nowadays it can be easily availed as many players are there who offer food on train. They have a different mechanism that can help the passenger get quality food sitting at his seat only.

Keeping the customers’ satisfaction and demand in focus finally various e-commerce players took a step effectively and efficiently by providing such a platform where buying food from starter, lunch, dinner to the desert in different cuisine became easy with just a simple click.

Basically, food on train is a service where the company works as an intermediate by meeting the supply & demand. It comes up with a lot of tie up with the nearby restaurant and food places where you can get food with a single step.

The process is simple and user-friendly; all you need is to download the app, fill the relevant detail required and filters the food from your desired restaurant add to the bucket and choose the payment mode. It has a special feature like tracking the preparation time; alternatively, the restaurant can also track the train. The order is tracked with the help of the PNR number offered by the department of the railway to a passenger on board. Hence for the supplier also it is easy to verify the passenger.

In the last few years, it has captured a lot of markets satisfying the hunger; maintain the hygiene, quality and standard within less time.

This facility has reduced a lot of burden of the Indian passengers keeping their worries aside especially during the long journey where they have don’t have to think twice what to carry? A simple innovation has given a chance to grab fresh food on time.

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