Logo design ideas for designers

A logo is a symbol and a mark that represents your brand or business. It is not just an image that you want; it is the crux of the brand identity and recognition with which reminds your customers about your brand.

When designing a logo, the first thing that you need is to identify your goals and the audience to make it perfect. A logo being a pictorial representation of your organization is not as easy to design as it seems. A designer needs to have the expertise to define the message of the company. It is a demanding process and which needs to be done perfectly in the first attempt of branding to make a mark on the audience.

A company’s logo design is the most important aspect of marketing for which it needs to be simple, attractive, easy to understand and effective to deliver your message to the prospects. It is something that provides the audience with the information they require to trust your brand in the market.

In order to create an inspirational logo design, a designer needs to be inspired by the creativity composed in logo design. You can review designs of successful brands such as Nike’s swoosh which effectively delivers the message behind the sports brand. Learn what they say and do to make your design perfect.

Here are some ideas that can inspire you to create a memorable design for your company.

Simplicity defines design

You might think that having a complicated logo can deliver your message. Well for starters, a complicated design can only produce more complexion in holding the message of the company. Think about it: take the examples of renowned brands like Apple, having the simplest designs which can efficiently attract the audience to the brand.

Simple designs are easy to remember and recognize the brand in a glance even after a long time. A simple design is scalable and doesn’t lose its essence even after being tweaked or updated. It can also make your business memorable for the audience.

Colours give the correct meaning of the brand

Various colours have a different effect on the psyche of an individual. It can trigger certain emotions which can persuade the individual to purchase from your brand. This is the major reason why a designer must keep in mind the colour psychology of a designer in mind while designing a logo design.  

To create a memorable logo design, you must understand what colour can impact the audience in a positive way. You can take the inspiration form the leading fast food chains which have certain colours in them to trigger hunger, passion for food and friendliness all in one image.

Typography can be creative

Creative use of typographic designs can be effective as well. It can become an imaginative representation of your company. Many graphic designers providing logo design service are experts in designing a creative typographic design having a hidden meaning which can communicate with the unconscious mind of the individual. Take the example of one of the renowned soft drink brand Coca-Cola, which hides the flag of Denmark in the design depicting the origin of the brand. Similarly, FedEx’s logo design depicts its services by having an arrow hidden between in the “E” and the “X”.

Experiment with geometric shapes

Just like colours have a significant impact on the psyche of an individual, a shape can also be associated with many different meanings and emotions and holds a special place in graphic designing. Basic shapes such as squares and circles give structure and feel to the design. Most importantly, it can effectively communicate your business message easily to the customers. For example, a circle can describe wholeness and harmony. Similarly, every shape carries a different meaning. These qualities of shapes can provide a fresher and unique meaning to your designs when combined with suitable colours.

Play with creative designs

Getting playful and creative with the design can attract more specific audience t your business making it stand out in the competition. So experiment with various designs and come up with your own unique artistic logo that I both simple and able to communicate with your audience. You can use images like letters making your logo to be unique. You may think that playful designs may only attract children, but it can also be highly beneficial for businesses such as law firms or restaurants.


In the loud noise of the market place, it is difficult for a business to deliver its message to the audience. This is where a business logo can help you to communicate with the audience. However, it is important that your logo is creative and holds the essence of your business. It is the face of your company, which is why it is important for it to be professionally designed to make an impression on the audience.

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