Linkedin profile as a necessary thing for personal branding

Is a LinkedIn profile necessary for personal branding? No, it is not. You can create quite a usable personal brand without LinkedIn but cast your mind back to 2010 and there were companies that said that social media was not necessary to help maintain a brand. A brand can survive without social media, but it is a hard life. Would people even go see Fast and Furious movies if they didn’t learn about them through YouTube? A LinkedIn profile isn’t necessary for a personal brand, but it sure takes a lot of work out of the process branding process if you have one a LinkedIn profile.

An Online Ambassador for The Most Employable Version of You

The truth is that social media websites such as LinkedIn help to save companies money. Instead of companies calling tens of people for interviews and having them take up staff hours while they muddle through, the HR staff may simply weed out the inappropriate candidates by checking their applications and then checking their LinkedIn profiles.

They are going to weed out candidates based on applications and resumes, but LinkedIn gives them another avenue with which to confirm or deny their own interest. It gives them further exposure to you, which is why you should make use of it. Make it so that your application is one that is favored rather than one that is weeded out. They may be in two minds about calling you until they see the personal brand you have built on your LinkedIn profile.

Echo Your Resume on Your LinkedIn Profile

There is nothing wrong with lying on your resumes/CVs/applications but try not to include lies that your LinkedIn profile will disprove or order a resume writing in a company with good reviews – Resumeble. Do not say that you are a lifetime supporter of WWF in your application, and then have “Hunting rare animals” as one of your hobbies on LinkedIn.

Try to make sure your CV/resume matches your LinkedIn profile. For example, if you have made a big deal about your commitment to a certain academic subject in your application, and then your LinkedIn makes you look like a jack-of-all-trades, it will not help your chances when it comes to getting a job.

Push Your Brand Principles on LinkedIn

Your brand principles are the things that make you more employable than the next person. They are your major benefits, they are your unique selling points.

Are you a creative genius with a crazy hairstyle and a car made out of motorbikes? Are you a programming guru with a big bushy beard and several Mario 64 speed running records? Have you become a strong and dependable worker and present yourself in Armani suits? Whatever your brand principles, you need to push and promote them in your LinkedIn profile if you want your personal brand to mean anything.

If somebody has gone all the way from your CV/resume/application, and landed on your LinkedIn page, then it is up to you to grow the seeds of your brand that you initially planted in your resume, and you do that by turning up the volume on your LinkedIn profile. Highlight and reinforce your brand principles so that the employer is convinced that what you have written on your CV/resume is true.

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