Less known psychological disorders

  1. Pica Disorder: It is a kind of eating and feeding disorder in which the individual suffering will have the urge and need to eat inedible, non-nutritive, and non-food items. This will be obvious in a way and only diagnosed if the individual suffering has evidence of nutritional deficiency. Furthermore, it is not understandable considering cultural or socially normative practices. It has to cause severe distress in daily life, as well. In addition to that, the person has to be at least above the age of five to cross the developmental period. It can be comorbid in autistic children and people with neurodevelopment disorders.
  2. Somatic symptoms and related disorder: In this disorder, the person suffers from severe anxiety that is triggered by some symptoms, indicating a medical illness. It can be intense if the person has either developed the condition or has the potential to develop in later years due to genetic inclination. The patient during this illness persistently thinks about the severity of his or her condition. They are further subordinated into two categories depending on their approach to treatment. They either become too involved and seek regular check-ups, or they completely neglect the severity of this condition and refuse to get check-ups.
  3. Factitious disorder: In factitious disorder, the patient suffering is deceptive and organizes ways to deceive others by either presenting themselves as too ill or injured or any other person. They go to severe lengths to provide evidence of illness. The person is not malingering as they are not persuaded or motivated by an external benefit. It can also not be observed as attention seeking method as they can induce the illness on other people as well.
  4. Enuresis: This is the inability to control the movements of the urinary bladder. It may not appear to be a problem, but it can be highly embarrassing and may cause serious distress in social situations. To be diagnosed with this disorder, the person has to be over the age of five and perform the voiding at least thrice every week for a consecutive three-month period.
  5. Penetration disorder: It is a disorder in which the patient has severe anxiety and fear of penetration during sexual activity. They can genuinely fear the pain, and it could be emphasized even in the anticipation. The person doesn’t necessarily need to have a bad relationship experience. However, it can be blamed on childhood sexual abuse. Additionally, the disorder causes serious distress in their relationships and daily life. The problem could occur from the day they became sexually active or after some experiences.

Although much awareness has been created regarding the mental illness in the current social climate, however, there is still a long way to go until people feel unthreatened by the reaction or judgment of others as a response to their illness. Furthermore, people have gained an in-depth understanding of commonly known mental disorders like anxiety and depression; there are still some psychological illnesses that are beyond their education. Some students often seek essay help UK from online services to gain knowledge regarding this matter. The five less known psychological disorders are discussed in detail below.

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