Laparoscopy procedure to repair inguinal hernia

What is Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

In the initial stages of the disease, when the hernia is small in size, the Inguinal Hernia can be treated with Laparoscopic Hernia surgery. Laparoscopy hernia treatment involves the use of a laparoscope, a small, thin instrument, in the shape of a telescope, which is inserted through a small incision at the belly button. This surgery requires a light dose of anesthesia on the patient.

Laparoscopy Procedure to repair Inguinal Hernia.

To start with the surgery, general anesthesia is given to the patient. After that, a small cut is made right below the navel or the belly button of the patient. The abdomen of the patient is then inflated with air in order to make it clearer for the surgeon to be able to see the organs in the abdominal region.

A small and thin surgical instrument called a laparoscope is then inserted into the patient’s abdomen region from the cut made below the belly button. Medical instruments used to repair and treat the inguinal hernia are inserted in the lower abdomen through the small cuts made.


Below is mentioned the stepwise description of the Laparoscopy procedure for Hernia:

1  A light dose of anesthesia is given to the patient. After the local anesthesia begins to show its effect, the patient feels numb and loses consciousness.  The doctor then begins to perform the surgery. The doctor makes three to four cuts of about 1/2 to 1/4 inches in the abdomen region, right below the belly button. The small cuts made are medically classified as “incisions”. One of the incisions is made near the belly button and the other ones right below that.

2  A small thin, fiber-optic tube called a laparoscope is then inserted into the abdomen of the patient through the small incisions made. The laparoscope has a small camera attached to one end of it, the end which is inserted inside the abdomen. The camera lets the doctor see the visual image of the inside of the abdomen. The surgeon can see the visuals on the TV monitor.

3  After examining the inner abdomen of the patient, the doctor starts the procedure of Laparoscopic removal of hernia. The doctor uses small surgical instruments and inserts it into the incision made in the abdomen area. Along with that, the surgeon monitors the TV screen and sees inside the abdominal area by the small camera. The hernia is then pushed back and a mesh is placed and carefully on the place of the hernia with staples or sutures.

4  After the mesh has been inserted inside the hernia, the surgical instruments are removed and all the incusionsthat were made for the surgery are closed carefully by surgically stitching them or sealing precisely using surgical tapes.

How long does it take to perform Laparoscopy Treatment for Inguinal Hernia?

The laparoscopic treatment for inguinal hernia is completed in one single sitting. It is generally not a very long surgery. Laparoscopy surgery is performed only in the case the hernia is small in size. The operation generally takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Although, the exact time for the surgery varies from patient to patient. It mostly depends on the extent of the disease and the medical condition of the patient. The surgery is completed in one single day.

Precautions before the Laparoscopy Procedure.

Although Laparoscopy surgery for inguinal hernia is not a very major surgery, still, there are some small precautions to be taken care of before the surgery. The doctor thoroughly explains the precautions and their reasons to the patient before the surgery.

One day before the surgery, the doctor generally asks the patient to get some tests done. These pre-surgery tests are done to make sure that the patient is in a completely healthy state and his body is ready to get the surgery performed. The patient is asked to get a blood test, EKG test, and a Chest X-Ray is done to make sure that the patient’s heart and lungs are in a healthy state to bear the surgery without any risks involved.

The doctor generally asks the patient to stop taking any strong medicine and general medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen around 7-10 days before the surgery. Such pills can increase bleeding at the time of the surgery. The patient should ensure to notify about all the medications he is on or has taken in the recent past.

What happens on the day of the surgery?

On the day of the surgery, the patient arrives at the hospital and has to sign the consent forms for the surgery. The patient is then changed to the hospital gown and cap and prepared for the surgery.

The patient is then taken to the operation theater for the surgery. The blood pressure and blood sugar level of the patient are noted down before the surgery. Also, the part of the stomach around the abdomen is thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed and shaved to prevent any case of infection.

The prescribed anesthesia is given to the patient and prepared mentally for the surgery. The anesthesia is monitored and after the patient is anesthetized, the surgery begins.

Cost of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

The general cost of the surgery varies from 1 Lakh to 4 Lakh INR. The exact cost of the surgery can only be confirmed from the doctors, depending on various factors including the city, hospital and most importantly, the extent of the disease.

Recovery time to heal after the Laparoscopy surgery

The average recovery time for the patient to heal after the Laparoscopy surgery is approximately 3 weeks. More important than the actual figures, the recovery period depends on the health, mental state, will power and body condition of the patient. The recovery time may vary from patient to patient.Nowadays, popularity of hair transplant in Dubai has increased significantly. The

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